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    Magnitude 80 refit

    I was running maintenance on the boat up until Doug chartered it back. The new draft will be right around 18' or so, designed so it would have the same righting moment without the hit from the canting keel. Rig and everything else will be kept the same, for the time being at least. Plan is to...
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    what are they?

    I can't judge the size that well, maybe the boards for the new seacart
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    I talked to Rob a while back about the 10.6, which was also built outta wood. Fairly certain its just a cost saving measure
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    2011 Mini West Coast Tour

    Jerome, If I can get a sail on hull #1 soon enough and built at a reasonable time, I would be glad to sail in the TP, but not sure it can happen in at a reasonable time
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    paging TP52 equipment managers (A sails needed)

    Might work, but boats that were sailing offshore would probably be better as they would be optimized for the conditions, especially for an A2 which is used for most of the TP
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    That's spot on for the most part
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    mini Mini

    looks like it requires some acrobatics to get in
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    Scow Mini

    Magnum 747, thread on it here
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    Rope clutches

    Crush, sounds like you have improperly sized halyards or improperly spec'd hardware. Spinlock clutches shouldn't and don't normally slip if properly matched up for the loads, lines, etc.
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    Treating Raw Spectra to Make it Stiff

    well I suppose you could try using a line coating like maxi jacket or rp25, I know they were originally designed for abrasion resistance, but it's possible they would help with your problem as well
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    Mini Wing Mast

    I would think major pain in the ass, but my knowledge about wings is limited
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    Shaw 9 For Sale

    there ya go, or below deck if possible
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    Yacht deliveries

    Well, I think the standard SA welcome is in order. Fuck off newb and buy an ad.
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    trapeze harness advice

    1. use search function 2. use banks harness
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    Shaw 9 For Sale

    maybe it's more effective, I wouldn't say cleaner though
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    Shaw 9 For Sale

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    Shaw 9 For Sale

    not too sure I like the sheeting system, I would think they could have come up with something cleaner
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    Mini Wing Mast

    I know it isn't, easy setup was my unclear way of noting the reduced damage to chutes (allows launching from wherever), haven't checked stats on component failure, but there are more moving parts
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    Mini Wing Mast

    Weight is comparable to standard carbon mast. Boat structure has to be increased. Things need to be led to the mast. Different electronic set up. Good downwind (easy setup, better when reaching). More expensive So overall, looks like it's a little more difficult than some sailors would...
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    Starting in Mini's

    it's pretty much the standard for what you just described