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  1. lbjordal

    2015 Sydney to Hobart

    Hola is no go, but other VPNs seem to work, ServStrong VPN works from Norway, Hate the yahoo 7 ads tho, we should get paid to watch that shit
  2. lbjordal

    kragero sundseling drone

    Its not my Video, I just found it too awsome not to share ;) Im thinking there is a third person doing the drone control and camera.
  3. lbjordal

    kragero sundseling drone

    I`d think this video deserves a mention on the frontpage
  4. lbjordal

    kragero sundseling drone

    kragero sundseling drone
  5. lbjordal

    Coolboats to admire

    Love the looks of this.
  6. lbjordal

    International C Class Catamaran Championship Falmouth 2013

    Too bad about the broken wing. could it be beneficial to make such a wing of inflated 3di material ? Goodyear made an inflatable airplane (roughly 1960 ?) easy to pack, lightweight, performance like a cub Nowdays inflatable paddleboards, dinghies, and kayaks are getting popular, but are...
  7. lbjordal

    International C Class Catamaran Championship Falmouth 2013

    Great job on the interviews and video coverage. Make sure to get that walk thru with hydros, and if possible get someone to walk thru the differences of wing design. If it hadnt been for the wonderful generosity of the class, the sailors, designers and shore teams it almost wouldnt be worth...
  8. lbjordal

    International C Class Catamaran Championship Falmouth 2013

    Would jump on the accommodation If In hadn't already got a place. Where are you all staying? Also does anyone know or plan to get on a "spectator boat" ?
  9. lbjordal

    Seascape 27

    Seascape 27 being displayed at "båter i Sjøen" this weekend. Not quite finished yet but This magazine got a few new images Click for large view - Uploaded with Skitch
  10. lbjordal

    The Checklist

    I think this is a pretty good checklist. Not complete by any means, but a good start.
  11. lbjordal

    groupama breaks mast

    The boats are already designed and built, At this time only the crew can do anything about the life expectancy of masts and hulls. Stop whining about the design.
  12. lbjordal

    Antartic sailors lost?

    Now, common sense is actually never moving more than tree steps from your sofa ;D
  13. lbjordal

    Antartic sailors lost?

    Sad news indeed. Most people seems to be loosing hope about finding the guys, but We shouldn't forget that Shackleton spent 15 days in an open boat in the same general inhospitable area... There is still the odd possibility Here is some footage from a previous expedition done by the boats...
  14. lbjordal

    How do you tow?

  15. lbjordal

    Beneteau 10R....Reviews?

    Indeed, its called singlehanding..
  16. lbjordal

    Flying Tiger 13.8

    QMN You don't get it do you? That ducted prop is highly efficient because there is no vortex tip drag due to an open blade design. Yes the power transfer looks like a sail drive , but the whole unit swivels up into the housing. We don't need it to steer because we have a rudder already. This is...
  17. lbjordal

    Flying Tiger 13.8〈=en This would be an intersting option, but not inexpensive.
  18. lbjordal

    Winter Projects?

    some history on this site, in norwegian, but the pdf.s include some nice photos. The one you got seem to be one of the exported in the 1970-1980. Whats the text one the stove?
  19. lbjordal

    Buy this Boat

    I would be interested, but with the again strong dollar i can not afford to buy :-( Guess the trailer wouldn't fit in a container either? Great price though, hope you get a quick and clean sale.
  20. lbjordal

    Cruising Anarchy whatever classic cruiser

    I belive this would solve your propulsion truble, atlest if anyone could be botherd to make a 70kw version insted of the 1800 kw made by Rolls Royce.

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