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  1. WCB

    Foiling Trailer sailer

    And show us your Moth! 
  2. WCB

    Foiling Trailer sailer

    I think it's 600lbs.  I don't have the exact measurement and we could reach out to Elliott for that, but they may not share the info.  I do know that four of us struggled to move it on a pallet at the end of the season.  It may need some shaving of lead. 
  3. WCB

    Foiling Trailer sailer

    Ironically...I may be able to help.  I'd have to run it by the rest of our Board first if you have interest but we have an Elliott 6meter bulb and mast that could be for sale. We had a poor decision made last season when dragging a boat off of the mud and the keel fin was broken. I was able to...

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