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    Precision Sails - communication issues?

    It has been about a year ago, but precision did make a jib and main for my Holder 20 no issues at all, it was a decent experience and I got what I expected and paid for
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    Caption Contest

    these new ORC incline test requirements have just gone too far
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    Anyone use epoxy pool paint on their hulls instead of traditional bottom paint?

    Tough looking boat, It's built like a brick shit house !
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    Is this a proper rudder?

    shouldn't the vertical weld have been located fore of center to produce a proper foil shape for lift ? why hasn't anyone asked what the boat rates yet ?
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    Cracked Bulkhead

    any updates on getting some tail from the large blue woman ? looking good by the way
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    Caption Contest

    Bow sprit ?? I thought you said Bow splint !!!
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    Modified Columbia 30 info?

    Who made your cockpit bags ??
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    Are there any Martin 243's still in the US?

    there is one listed on craigslist in detroit for $5500
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    in the air

    if the ends are faired, and the center is caulked..... doesn't that make, the whole thing faulked ???
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    where is it?

    Guess.....western michigan
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    Caption Contest

    could say the virus is pushing us all to the left, but I don't want to get political
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    Caption Contest

    Like many of the people I race against, he protests regardless
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    Caption Contest

    corona virus yells "STARBOARD"
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    Caption Contest

    Great, now I'm out here for 14 days, wind or not
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    Caption Contest

    after months of banter and many changes, it seems the naval architect did get the last laugh
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    Starting Research for Boat Choice

    Just an idea, look up a Holder 20
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    Caption Contest

    Doesn't every sailor dream about having a big black sprit ?
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    Interlux Watertite Question

    So I am using Watertite to fair out interior of hull and some small plywood added panels. Applying Watertite over (3) separate substrates recently cured west system epoxy, recently applied Interlux 2000e and old, unknown interior paint, all surfaces properly sanded and wiped down Watertite is...
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    what is it?

    sponsored by Lumber Liquidators ?
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    what is it?

    More fun if you rolled em over.......the boat, the boat I meant