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  1. Floating Duck

    Providers of floating docks FOR sailboats? Anyone know?

    ANY chance you could send me the owners contact info? I see that the boat was sold at some point, but if I can get any leads as to pricing or who to talk to that would be FABULOUS. I also sent an email to hydrohoist directly, will see what they say. Those boats pictured don't have keels, and...
  2. Floating Duck

    Providers of floating docks FOR sailboats? Anyone know?

    I was just thinking that any of these air dock manufacturers would have something like this – basically having a "disconnect" at the rear of the dock so the keel could slide through (and then reconnect prior to lifting);
  3. Floating Duck

    Providers of floating docks FOR sailboats? Anyone know?

    Yes it's retracting but honestly I MUCH rather have it always down and just paint it. It's A PAIN to lift it up by cranking. 1,200lbs and all. Plus it's quite impossible to do so without totally stopping the boat as it's so tippy with it retracted.
  4. Floating Duck

    Providers of floating docks FOR sailboats? Anyone know?

    I may not be able to get a dry dock spot for my little 26ft sportboat this year, so looking to see if anyone knows of any floating dock providers?! I can paint my keel, so that can stay in the water no problem. I tried reaching out to but they didn't seem keen on helping...
  5. Floating Duck

    What is a good windward VMG?

    This reminds me of my DREAM boat... One that has upwind vmg as good as it's downwind vmg. Think, a completely circular polar. Although that's easily "achieved" with 4ktsb... But you know what I mean. The only sailboats that currently do this are the circus clown (AC) boats. Would love to...
  6. Floating Duck

    I've built a prototype AI model that helps buyers make a better decision on what boat to buy... I want to hear all the love and hate

    Congrats on your Rassy! But I can't wait to see your next boat. Oh trust me, this probably won't be the boat that you had wished it would be - especially as a first time boat owner. (I do however still truly hope that you very much enjoy your first boat!) I know you've thought of budget into...
  7. Floating Duck

    Removable or hinged winglets on sportboats

    Wow you nailed it. Not just "like"... It IS a Duncanson PS8. One of... 6? Not many made. I don't understand why they didn't make more, it's insanely fun. Wait, i take that back. I DO understand why they didn't make more. It's too extreme of a boat for 90% of sailors out there to be honest.
  8. Floating Duck

    Removable or hinged winglets on sportboats

    Well howdy there! I'm the owner of Nebula so i think i can answer this question very very easily... No. Absolutely not. Wings do NOT help any boat when you "properly" use them. I.e. IF the aim is to increase RM, then you should add more sail when you add wings. The problem is that then you are...
  9. Floating Duck

    Kuka Light declared coolest yacht on the planet

    I mean... it's fine.
  10. Floating Duck

    2022 Race To The Straits- Only STYC members may enter!

    A ridiculously reasonable membership fee. If it wasn't for them I probably wouldn't own and race my own boat. I'm thinking of joining this year, save me a spot. I have to first see if a crew member is crazy enough to do it with me on my lil sled this year.
  11. Floating Duck

    Which keel sailboat for solo sailing?

    Don't underestimate this. I think I've found the perfect boat that I was never going to sell about 5 times now... The one I currently have is the perfect boat though. Never selling that.
  12. Floating Duck

    The Cadillac

    Yeah... why did the wings get trimmed? So it wouldn't fly so far away?
  13. Floating Duck

    Best $25,000 Bang for your Buck

    Duncanson PS8 or Stealth 8m But you just gotta find one  :D
  14. Floating Duck

    Is this the Figaro III?

    Either way, campaigning a 40 is in the hundreds of thousands as an IMOCA is in the millions, mind boggling for a hobby! I wonder if a comparable 30fter (the "dead" Classe 950?) is 1/10th the cost of a campaigning a 40... and a mini (6.5) 1/10th of THAT... 
  15. Floating Duck

    Clubswan 125

    Meh that just looks like it needs stiffer battens on those lower sections, cheap solve on this boat. What does a batten run on a 125 fter, as much as my cheap Ducati? Psh chump change for these money bags.  Is this thing scheduled to race anytime soon?
  16. Floating Duck

    Ultime / G-Class Development

  17. Floating Duck

    Ultime / G-Class Development

    I don't get it.  How do they keep designing these things WITHOUT expecting to hit stuff. Yes they may be heavier, slightly slower, etc etc  But F1 cars could also be much faster, but you know, safety and cost... Also PSA, let's stop throwing our trash out everywhere  -_-
  18. Floating Duck

    Trident Studios Half Hull Models

    Thank you! Would love to get a couple made of my past boats but unfortunately there doesn't seem anyone reputable is left... That I can find. 
  19. Floating Duck

    Clubswan 125

    There was a fantastic blog post on some yacht designers' page that I can't seem to recall at the moment (maybe owen clarke?)... Their point was, mainly due to draft limitations?, that it made NO sense to try and make a "fast" monohull larger than ~60ft. You'd be building a multi for anything...
  20. Floating Duck

    20+ Footer - Building in Hawaii

    Amen.  There is NO replacement for draft. More efficient aspect ratio, more efficient ballast. Unless you can't have draft due to shallow water, more is always better.  Case in point, my current 26ft boat has an 8ft carbon keel... and I wish it was 10ft! Maybe when you build my next boat Jim...