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    Going To Santa Cruz

    The Giant Dipper and the dry storage yard at the yacht club. Both will leave you ultra-light headed.
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    Singlehanded Tips & Techniques Book - download for FREE

    Just what I was thinking - "So I'm supposed to do it THAT way? No wonder!" Oops, I wasn't going to post here. Ah well, I gave the book some love over here as well!
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    J92 Shoal Draft

    Standard (deep) draft is 5.9' - what's the draft on the boat you're looking at? Is it SECOND WIND, hull #90? If so it has the standard (deep) keel. Please join and post over on the J92 Owner's Forum - I don't post on SA any more - this post was the exception. There are a couple threads on...
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    "The Colonel"

    Yard Dog has explained well the problem with what S/A has become. Moreover, the posting of the image on the front page and the editors' sorry attempt at justifying it (a huge "spin" in itself) shows they don't begin to "get it" and have no regard for their own integrity. A few days ago I said...
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    Kerry K to Quantum/JT to UK

    Yes we get it - you detest JT. Did you get MY point?
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    Kerry K to Quantum/JT to UK

    I've become so disgusted with this place a couple of times that I've deleted all of my posts - not sure why you keep harping on that. My point is that if you were Kerry K (for example), would you risk posting here after reading this thread? NFW "The pros that post here" are far fewer in...
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    Kerry K to Quantum/JT to UK

    I remember when some of the pros used to post here. Imagine what this place could be like if they still did. Nobody deserves the kind of public humiliation this place can dish out.
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    Kerry K to Quantum/JT to UK

    If you are trying to make a living selling a product to competitive sailors, or are a higher-visibility member of the sport, this thread is the perfect example of why you shouldn't post on S/A. We are the worse for that lack of input, and look what we get instead.
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    J-125s...Which ones are for sale?

    I'm very sorry to hear that. I hope your recovery is unexpectedly swift.
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    Solo sailing

    If you're reluctant to do a qualifier maybe solo sailing isn't for you. My first qualifier was the best sailing I'd experienced, and it was 400 nm and ended in a storm. I had an undistracted three days to test out instruments and gear I normally didn't use, keep a log, etc. It was a blast...
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    Jeanne Socrates

    I know Jeanne - raced against her in the '06 SHTP and saw her after the '08 and '10 races. We've shared a dinner with her in our home and helped her out a couple of times with logistics. She would just roll her eyes at the offensive comments and be grateful for the recognition - but that...
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    Hows the Baja Ha Ha going?

    I have some friends Ha-Ha'ing on a Swan 51. Since they've done it before I suspect "it's going quite well, thank you." Reminds me of a race report from a high-end program a few years ago: "The second roast of beef was a bit rare but the ice cream and strawberries made up for it."
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    A question about footwear.

    Glad you guys dropped in - I was afraid I was going to have to carry this one on my own.
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    A question about footwear.

    It must be Thursday. Edit: Oops, my bad. Best Deck Shoe day is Thursday. Casual Shoes are Tuesdays.
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    Self-aligning Jefa Bearings

    I'm thinking you ought to get together with the "Making a Spinnaker At Home" guy.
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    B & G Quad wind vane direction display

    Hey, it's my wife's Prius. But she has an iPhone and I use a Western Electric rotary dial. That phone is still the bomb . . .
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    B & G Quad wind vane direction display

    Or remove screws, twist display 65 degrees on bulkhead, drill and replace screws. I'm an analog guy stuck in a digital world . . .
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    B & G Quad wind vane direction display

    ..or get Ray's masthead transducer service kit for $24 (MSRP). Seriously Booth, if you're racing a lot then maybe two degrees of calibration matters but for most of us, the Ray stuff is plenty good enough and you can get any spares you need on E-Bay.
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    B & G Quad wind vane direction display

    ST-60+ TriData and Wind and a couple of repeaters, and you still haven't spent as much as the first couple of years' service on the B&G stuff. Five years, two trips to Hawaii, still going strong . . .
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    Antal Rope Clutches

    I have a set of V-Grip 10's (two singles and two doubles) that are almost 18 years old. They were overkill for the boat so they haven't been used hard, and have been perfectly reliable. I just discovered a broken spring in one of them though. It looks like the clutches are held together with...