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    Solar Dumping for Hot Water

    Not to derail this highly scientific thread but.... ...I have these 12v car seat heaters and they do their job. Warmer than body heat. Its a ziggy plug with off/warm/hot switch and a wire going through the cushion.... ...The rest is history. I guess one could use a solar shower, too. But maybe...
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    Girl with patreon account goes sailing in hot place

    This dingy is amazing, but I truly love all the amazing wooden amas around his workshop.
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    Those pesky Orca's are back, and they seem to be learning...

    I wonder why noone is tossing a big ass firecracker over the side.
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    Cheating way to insert bolt into light carbon laminate & polystyrene foam

    Surfboard leash plugs would be a starting point. Classic longboards use the ones cyclone mentioned. You can also make a glasson leash loop from ud rowing, it could be very tiny so not so much added drag.
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    Trick for Blowing the Mainsheet Under Load?

    Same problem here. Just change the release angle by putting in some kind of rope toggle. 10cm might already be enough.
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    Just bought a damaged boat at auction!

    From a Norwegian yard, should be solid.

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