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  1. ricwoz

    Worrell 1000

    So 10 of the 13 boats are Nacra;s.  And 8 of those are the newer Evolution model, while two are the older Infusion model (which there are several variations of)  The boat which suffered the big ugly hull fracture was the lone Goodall C2.  The top 5 boats (the four who finished yesterday...
  2. ricwoz

    Worrell 1000

    The DNF penalty for the race appears to be (last finishers ET) + 6 hours.   Ouch, that's gonna hurt!  Randy Smyth managed to get a 20 minute lead on day one.  Now he's 7 hours behind the leader, it's going to be hard to make up the DNF unless all four of the leaders have to take one in the...

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