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  1. Caca Cabeza

    Diesel in Baja

    I've got a Baja filter. The boat holds ~50 gallons, 25 more in Jerry cans, burns ~3/4 gallon per hour at 5 knots. That's about 400 miles with no wind and I leave 5 gallons in each tank. The plan is to get to Cabo San Luca, top up and gas up in Turtle bay? Is turtle Bay dinghy in or gas dock?
  2. Caca Cabeza

    Diesel in Baja

    I am coming up the Californias in a few weeks from Mazatlan. I am curious where I can get diesel on the west coast of baja and how to get it (i.e. fuel dock, dinghy or panga). I was down to see my (new to me) boat about a month ago and diesel at the marina was about $4.00 per gallon. I don't...