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    Advice please for Yanmar Newb

    That may be so for some makes/models diesel engines. That is definitely not the case for the Yanmar marine diesels I'm familiar with. As in the Yanmar will likely not even be able to start (first start of the day, especially in cool or cold weather) unless you set the fuel governor to medium or...
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    Advice please for Yanmar Newb

    Correct. A diesel has no throttle. Most gasoline engines have that. A diesel has a fuel governor with a control lever. Yanmar says to set it at MEDIUM SPEED for normal starts. In cold weather set it at HIGH SPEED position but immediately set it to LOW SPEED after the engine has started. I find...
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    Advice please for Yanmar Newb

    Always check the engine oil level and top it off before starting, i.e., don't wait for it to show a quart low. Keep the oil at the full mark. After starting always check that the sea water pump is functioning by looking for water being expelled out the exhaust. When shifting the gearbox, only...

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