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  1. The_Alchemist

    Auckland AC logistics

    Thanks for the great info.  We will be leaving in a few days for a drive to San Diego and returning home in March (~5,000 miles round trip).  Traveling is easier in the States, 200 kms is about a 2 hr trip.  We typically drive up to see the relatives early in the morning and return home that...
  2. The_Alchemist

    Auckland AC logistics

    I was in Bermuda for the LV finals and it is hard to see the action on the water.  We went to the AC village and had stadium seating right next to the finish line.  It was fun to see the boats at their bases and watch them sail into the finish.  They had a separate set of commentators for the AC...
  3. The_Alchemist

    Auckland AC logistics

    This is all great info.  I am also hoping to make a trip to NZ for the the Prada Cup Finals (see some action and avoid the crowds of the AC finals) which would be in February.  I would only watch a couple days of the races and tie it into a couple weeks traveling around NZ.  

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