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    Mighty Merloe

    Boat is getting parted out.
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    End-plate effect

    It’s only effective if it’s touching and it’s worth +2% drive force and-7% drag on an Imoca 60 j2. IF ITS TOUCHING. In the main north said that if you could get the first third of the foot done that would help “obviously” but would not give any numbers and said that it would be less than the...
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    what is it?

    foils that dont work very well.
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    Pure multihull porn -from the mythical front page

    Regardless of your halfassed backpedaling à bit further down, there is always the choice to sell your point by focusing on its positives, rather than being negative about something you are against.  As far as I know, you have never even seen Tritium up close, have no idea of its performance...
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    what's wrong with it?

    Nothing at all except its all original.  Still the best racing there is on the west coast and a beautiful surfing machine for going to Hawaii!
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    Converting Class 40

    Pogo 1 is a spectacular boat, really roomy inside and very quick.  Would be easy for a couple and one or two kids to cruise on.
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    what is it?

    Had to run home for my daughter's birth a month early...
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    Main halyard locks

    Harken makes a halyard lock for use with IMOCA 60 that would be good for a tri of that size.  ask them.  PLUS it works flawlessly
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    Genoa head webbing repair San Diego recommendations

    How about north sails?
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    what is it?

    An outrageous amount of work!!!!
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    what am it?

    fucking awful website with no way to read the text...
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    Brooks & Shithouse

    three letters: NKE  you'll never go back.  and the pilot is 10x better
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    Spindrift 2 Jules Verne 2018

    When they were both in the southern ocean at the same time (when neither got the record) IDEC came from behind spindrift, passed within 2 miles of them and sailed away over the horizon.  you can find a video of this from IDEC.
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    Clubswan 125

    The owner is russian.  boat is going to be very late.
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    Use of performance enhancing drugs in offshore sailing

    This thread gets started every year or so.  The answer is a resounding absolutely not.  The crashes after the drugs would lead to big periods of going slow, which would most likely occur at the most inopportune time. Most of these guys even go as far as not drinking coffee nearly as much while...
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    New imoca boats

    No,  The volvo 70 rule did not allow inclined pins.  This is not true.  Perhaps with tons of heel the fin would become a planing surface with a ton of gear piled at the back, but certainly no incline.
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    Sealing dyneema rope in a thru-hull

    As usual, over complicating.....  if they have a disk backing (glass or carbon) just put them thru the drilled hole (assuming monolithic, not cored) and use a wedge of wood to load them as your sealant of choice dries.  You are done.  
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    Zinc sunscreen recommendation. 3 ingrédients. Zinc, beeswax, coconut oil.   WORKS and doesn’t have nasty chemicals
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    Footage of Heavy Air

    I have seen the video...  not sure where though.
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    Key West things to do?

    go to the rooftop cafe.  great food