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    Snow Skiing 22/23

    The Lake Tahoe region is at 662 inches for the season, with more coming. Yes it is possible to have too much of a good thing, I had over 8 feet of snow on the roof of the house, got about half of that shoveled off before a couple of warmer storms came in that had rain at 6200 feet. I'm at 28...
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    Raw Water Hose 90° Turn
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    Tell us about "easing the bolt rope"

    I thought it was a euphemism for taking a whiz... "Hey where's Jocko? He left his beer!" "He'll be back, he's easing the bolt rope."
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    Need to fix this hatch with missing latch mechanism

    Try for the parts. Adhesive for mounting rear view mirrors to the inside of a windshield (available at auto parts stores) would probably work for re-bonding the latch to the plexi.
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    Volvo Penta 2003 rebuild

    Hmm, the forum SW says the file is too big (5.5MB). Here's a link:
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    Volvo Penta 2003 rebuild

    Had a boat with a 30 year old 2003 with a heat exchanger. It started having an overheating problem, it turned out the heat exchanger had developed an internal leak and salt water was mixing with the coolant and salt crystals were precipitating out and clogging up the cooling passages. Once I...
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    Snow Skiing 22/23

    The weekend at Palisades Tahoe - after a lot of rain Thursday and Friday, the snow level dropped earlier than expected delivering multiple feet of snow on Saturday. New Year's Day was crowded but epic.
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    Sail Shackle Types?

    Tylaska, as mentioned above. Available with a sheave in place of the eye for a clean 2:1 halyard setup.
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    Getting a sailboat from California to Europe on a budget

    Having shipped a boat from UK to California this year, i can tell you that shipping cost plus yard cost at each end will be between $30-40k. Probably more than the boat is worth. The ship was a car carrier, the boat was on a cradle that was strapped to a trailer and loaded along with a bunch...
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    Deutsch connector kit has all the pieces and parts, and is well organized to help you figure out the right stuff to order. has much better pricing especially on the pins and sockets, but it takes a lot of patience and attention to detail to make sure you're...
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    Margins & Pricing

    That's exactly the strategy my company followed for the last 10 years. It works, but only for a year or three. The problem is the consumer market for phones and tablets moves so fast that this year's high volume part is tailing off next year and going EOL the year after. Same for the OS -...
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    Buying a Hanse 548

    ^ grow the fuck up. That was funny 10 years ago. Now it's just old and tired.
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    Margins & Pricing

    I spent the last 10 years designing consumer electronics devices, essentially specialized tablets with WiFi, LTE, and a bunch of other stuff added in. I spent a lot of time in China at the contract manufacturer (you've probably heard their name in the news and used a product they built) working...
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    Buying a Hanse 548

    This appears to be a charter boat, will it go back into charter under your ownership? Charter boats generally get used hard and put away wet, depending on the charter company (and luck, to some extent) a used boat can either be in great shape or have a lot of problems. PA's advice (above) is...
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    B&G H5000

    b393capt is correct. User manual is here:
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    At my funeral, the song(s) will be....

    The theme from the movie Endless Summer.
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    Check Stays

    Sheerness - as in Keith Rodney? Used to crew for him way back in the day.
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    ^ that's good advice. Here's a pic of our system at the jib clew, the inhaulers are very similar to WHK's setup except it doesn't adjust both sides simultaneously. 4:1 on each side of the cabin top to a 3:1 after the turning block. The up/down control is cascaded 4:1 -> 2:1 -> 2:1. With so...
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    There's some discussion here:
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    Here's one implementation: We have a similar system on the new (to us) J/112e, I'll get a pic this weekend. Basically one flying lead for the inhauler, and one for the leech up/down so you can position the clew in 3D. We're working on figuring...