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    True vs Magnetic course to a mark

    Does anyone know if Race Committees In the US standardize on True or Magnetic GPS headings when setting marks?
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    Doyle vs. Quantum #3

    OK, not surprisingly mixed reviews. So I am proposing a one design race, maybe T 10 Benetau 36.7, J120 or whatever. Each boat has their favorite sailmaker for the race, then they switch sails and crew. Who do you think is going to come out on top!
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    Just watched Maiden on a United Airlines flight, quite an entertaining documentary!  
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    Doyle vs. Quantum #3

    Considering a new #3 for a J120. Based on cost, I’m looking at either a Doyle Delta Race or a Quantum MC6500. Anyone have experience with these sails or have a recommendation ?
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    Ripoff Alert! Vsport

    It took some time, but finally received my corrected merchandise. All is well that ends well, so returning VSport to my list of approved vendors.
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    Ripoff Alert! Vsport

    The company finally responded and I returned the erroneous merchandise. i have not yet received the replacement. Will post when I receive or when I do not receive!
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    Ripoff Alert! Vsport

    Thanks for your feedback! hate to spend this much time on this issue, but it becomes a matter of principal.
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    Ripoff Alert! Vsport

    Ordered a Marmot sailing shirt with my boatname and model number. Vsport screwed up the embroidery and have refused to correct their error despite my countless calls and emails. $103 dollars down the drain. Totally pissed and considering suing them in small claims court.
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    Ripoff Alert Vsport

    Beware of a shady company called Vsport! They are a licensee of Jboats and advertise clothing and gear with the Jboat logo and  embroidery.They screwed up my order and refuse to correct it. They will not answer their phone, return messages or accept returns for bad merchandise, but they will...
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    Ripoff Alert! Vsport

    Beware of a shady outfit that advertises Jboat gear with logo and embroidery. They screwed up my order and have refused to correct their mistakes. They won’t answer their phone,return messages or accept returns for bad products, but, they wii take your money and hide! They go by the name of...
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    Chicago Race Committee Fiasco

    In the recent Verve Cup Off shore Regatta in Chicago, The Race committee finish boat was at the wrong location per the sailing Instructions. Now the dilemma, do you go to the SI coordinates for the finish or go to the finish boat with the finish signal flag flying? The protest ruling was, you...
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    Chicago Area III

    Just to get some balance in this world....The Bayview Mac post race party on the island had not only free Bells beer but, free rum and vodka drinks. What a concept! You will never see that in Chicago.
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    The Best Shorts and Why? Weigh in people. YOU* are the experts

    Make an exact copy of the MUSTO EVOLUTION shorts and sell them for $60. You will make a killing!
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    Missing in Action during the Chi-Mac

    It was time for tha tbutt ugly flag to be destroyed!
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    Chicago Area III

    This just in from CYC race committee; " In an effort to make up for Friday's postponement, we will do six races on Saturday. No races will be started after 11:45 p.m. Saturday.Box dinners will be avaiable for pick up at the club. Ya'll have fun!"
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    Chicago Area III

    I know someone with 17 Mac's, good crew, good guy etc. What kind of boat? e-mail me at [email protected]
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    Chicago Crew Available

    Looking to round out your crew for the coming season, add some real experience to the crew mix? Skipper retired, so 2-3 very experienced crew looking for a new ride. Experience at all positions, Dependable, Competitive,Good work ethic, able to gel with existing crew. Shoot me an email and...
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    Chicago Area III

    Fran Byrne Regatta is Saturday and Sunday. 36.7 and some other OD fleets are just sailing Saturday.
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    Moved to Chicago, looking for a crew position

    Len, How many crew are you looking to add? I know several experienced racers that might be available.