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  1. Santanasailor

    Wild Times

    She comes by it naturally, a real brawler at times. When she was younger she would dive into a cat fight and whip all the cats in it.
  2. Santanasailor

    Wild Times

    Unless you own a WarPaint. She’s a really great mouser, very protective of her owners, but she has a real taste for blood. Do the least little thing that annoys her and your blood will hit the floor. One of two throwaways we have been blessed with. And naturally, WarPaint hates the other...
  3. Santanasailor

    The Zombie Fleet

    Not sure where to post this, but saw it yesterday on Facebook. Too good to let it go. But a sad ending to a vessel.
  4. Santanasailor

    The Zombie Fleet

    Nevil Shute one of the authors that convinced me I needed to be get out of the infantry and on the left seat. Sad to see his boat gone. Still after all these years have the little paperback, ”Slide Rule.”
  5. Santanasailor


    Saw it yesterday (twice durned facebook) but each time missed the deck profile. Guess I was not looking hard enough.
  6. Santanasailor

    SV Seeker

    Can’t speak of there, but here we have winds over 40 predicted for today. That said, we are not that far from the Gulf Coast. Not sure how happy I would be in an uninsulated, steel tub in 30-40 degree temperatures and 20=40 mph winds. But then I have not been around lately so maybe ole Doug’s...
  7. Santanasailor

    Liveaboard Centerboarders

    I have done enough fiberglass work and work with fillers and sanding that having a vac, constantly vacuuming up the dust as I work is very much mandatory.
  8. Santanasailor

    SV Seeker

    He’s gotten further in that craft then I ever dreamed he could. Still, the smart money goes on previous success and planning.
  9. Santanasailor

    Electric Outboard for Pocket Cruiser

    We have been using a trolling motor on our Santana 20 for several years. Living on the lake, we only use it for moving into and out of the slip. Does ok. What it won’t do is stop the boat If a wind gust hits us as we are actually into the slip. We sail on the days when we want to sail and...
  10. Santanasailor

    Craigslist - Not mocking

    Not craiglist but for someone looking for a small boat that will sail well, this appears to be a bargain For Sale 1986 Santana 20 Hull #718 wing keel Contact: lee 940.704.1474 leehav(at)reagan(dot)com - or Steve 940.781.7016 Change (at) to @ and (dot) to . For years, this 1986 Santana 20 was...
  11. Santanasailor

    reinforsing production GRP boats

    Let me relate a story i read many decades ago about Unlimited Hydroplane designer Ted Jones and one of the owners of a boat designed in the Ted Jones style. As a backup, Ted Jones was a Boeing Employee who designed the prop riding three point hydros that are still the design style used to this...
  12. Santanasailor

    Affordable NEW crusing boats?

    Not my point. My point, leaving harbor at San Francisco and arriving at Japan or Australia or even Hawaii without using anything other than your electric motors. (And the stored energy in your battery). To prover your point, strip all the sails off of your boat, have them boxed and shipped back...
  13. Santanasailor

    Affordable NEW crusing boats?

    Very cool boats. Had the pleasure to take the full tour in 2016. Just the thing to get a bad guy’s attention.
  14. Santanasailor

    Affordable NEW crusing boats?

    I understand that the alternative while waiting for electric motors with power storage that will take you across the Pacific without a recharge, is a LM2500 Turbine. Ought to be just enough power for get a boat sized large enough to hold the battery needed for an ocean crossing.
  15. Santanasailor

    Ask Bob Perry

    OK, next question, about how long did such a drawing take to complete? (We’re gonna question you to death, I’m sure, but, you are more than just the resident expert)
  16. Santanasailor

    To Hurricane or not to Hurricane 2022...

    Talk about unintended consequences. Winds are the trigger but not the fuel. The fuel is the warm tropical waters of the Atlantic and Caribbean/Gulf. Hurricanes are giant heat engines that redistribute the warmth of the tropics to the cooler latitudes. Take away that redistribution and what...
  17. Santanasailor

    Headroom for small cruiser

    You do realize this is a family site and your picture might seriously affect some young mind forever.
  18. Santanasailor

    she's a wee porker....

    Y'all recon I can get me one of those "Kitchens" with the auto dishwasher, deep freeze, all electric range and a nice fridge to keep y'alls beer cold all installed in my Santana 20? Maybe a breakfast bar would be nice add-on too. I was thinkin maybe one of those new fangled big screen tv's...
  19. Santanasailor

    "Zero Emissions" by 2035?!?

    Boats? What’s a boat???? Electricity - NO Clean Alternate Fuel - YES That’s where we need to be exploring. Billions spent on rare earth batteries, permanently installed in vehicles, is not the answer. Not in 2022, Not in 2035, NOT NEVER! Instead of spending billions, to build batteries...
  20. Santanasailor

    SV Seeker

    One wonders about the legality about this sort of fund raising.