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    Interest to visit Amsterdam, Antwerp and/or Bruges by yacht

    Depending on the time of year that sounds rather interesting (not sure I could sell the mrs. on it though). What's your cost estimate?
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    Cell phones

    last year I used tmobile, but not sure if they still have the same deal. $0,99 SIMcard, $30 for a month (100minutes+5gb Data or something).
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    Opinions on Thomas 35

    Nice boats. Good all around, IMHO
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    boat rental?

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    boat rental?

    thanks a lot anyone know of anyplace around ft. myers or miami?
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    boat rental?

    anyone know of someplace to rent something like a hobie cat or something in southern florida? going there for spring break and curious. thanks
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    Vendee Helo Video

    do you have a link for that?
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    Why conservative?

    good point zac, and i was unaware of that....
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    Why conservative?

    Why is it that on all the updates from Bruce Schwab he always seems to say that he has been sailing conservatively? (i'm just curious if there was a reason that i missed somewhere)
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    New sail inventory

    Hey touchmystick(B.F.) I do agree that a sport boat is an excellent decision. Either way i'll helkp out all i can. -(C.K.)
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    New sail inventory

    i think the mumm is something like three-niner. (at least that's what some of the scratch sheets said)