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    Overlooked Maintenance: Ahh Sh*t factors

    My recent AH Sh*t moment was experienced by my son on a short cruise. The head completely stopped up and he assumed something inappropriate had been flushed. The bottom line was that the hose were so calcified that the opening in the 1 1/2 inch hose was down to about 3/4 inch.  So replace all...
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    Panel held in by wood screws, but the threads in the wood are stripped

    Use West System G-flex 655 epoxy. It will not ooze out, it does not ooze it stays in place. Spray the screws with PAM baking spray and a piece of tape on the back of the panel so it does not get stuck. The screws can be removed with  little heat.
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    Linking RM SPX10 to NMEA2000

    Yes I did have an issue with the bridging from seatalk NG to seatalk 1 from the computer to the control head. This means that I cannot steer to a waypoint, but I can steer to wind.  I am not sure why the difference, but I am happy to be able to steer to wind.
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    Linking RM SPX10 to NMEA2000

    I have connected my B&G NEMA2000 instruments to my RayMarine autopilot, although I think it might be an SPX5 wheel pilot.  The difference between NEMA2000 and seatalk NG is the connectors and the fact that Seatalk NG has an extra wire which carries the serial Seatalk 1 signal.  I bought a...

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