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    Melges 20 at Charleston Race week…

    So here’s the big question. I believe some folks did charter a few boats? Did they bring pros or not? How did they do? But most importantly did they have fun and plan on chartering again or buying a boat. Sorry, thats actually a bunch of questions.
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    Melges 20 at Charleston Race week…

    Great discussion on the class. I recently purchased a 20 and looking forward to getting it wet soon. I have raced in some different one design classes and watched a few others. One of the keys looks like it has to do with how newbies are treated. Classes that welcome them and go out of their...
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    Melges 20 trailer load capacity?

    hopefully both, plan to phrf for a bit to tune up and learn and then look at 1D. Would also like to maybe visit some of the events and see what I can learn.
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    Melges 20 trailer load capacity?

    Thank you for the feedback and information, I have heard also that you want to keep the load as soft as possible. Yep, in process of purchase and looking to get some spare parts. Not sure what you mean by ghost but if I broke etiquette on not getting back to you with my decision i apologize.
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    Melges 20 trailer load capacity?

    Anyone know if the Melges 20 trailer load capacity is 2200 lbs or 3500 lbs?
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    Melges 20 draft

    Thanks for the advice, sounds good !!
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    Melges 20 draft

    Thanks for the feedback. Sounds like I can make one work. Now I just need to find one for sale :-)
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    Melges 20 draft

    Does anyone know the draft of a Melges 20 rudder? Can the boat be moved with the centerboard up with out damage? I only have about three feet of water at the dock.
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    J/100 forestay and backstay rigging

    I use the main Halyard and main sheet to attach our j100 backstay.
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    Why did J Boats drop the J100?

    There are two sets of molds.  US watercraft was the last to use them in the US and there also is a set in France.  As far as sailing fun.  The 100 will take up to a 140 head sail and will go up wind with no issues.  Way faster that a J29.  Throw a 1000 sq ft asail on a sprint and downwind is...
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    Best sail combination for J100

    I was at a 78 with 120 kite.  Downsized to 100 spinnaker and shortened sprit and then grew to 140 jib from old and ended up with an 84.  Basically we now are using the same rating as a j105.
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    Best sail combination for J100

    Agree that the od jib is to small.  Moved to a 140 this year and the boat is competitive upwind.  We have the factory sprit.  Downsized to a 100m kite to get some rating help and overall seems a pretty good balance.  
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    J29 or J100 ?

    Hello Scoot, I am biased since I own the last J100 built but we love the boat. Came from a J35 and the 100 is a much easier to handle boat. About half the crew required. Couple of additions, it is really a day sailor, there are berths down below but it's not much. Beware of any Jboat that...
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    J 111 halyard clutches

    Looking for feedback on how the antal line clutches are working? What size and type of line do you have paired with them. Spinlock xts slipping badly.
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    Clutches slipping solution by Spinlock?

    Have xts and will not hold main halyard. Talked to spinlock, spend more money, try things, have been through this with them before. Tried line coating,no help, new 6/10 cams same thing. So, the j111's are using antal, how about some feedback on their v clutches? What about the new antal...
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    J boat advice

    For great light air sailing - j 100
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    J/100 tuning #'s

    100% jib works well once you get a little air, 7-8knts. We carry A2,A3, small zero and having an A5 made over the winter. Biggest issue with sprit and oversize spinnakers is that you are way over on your side as soon as the wind comes from the beam.
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    J/100 tuning #'s

    Picture of the "big"? A-sail up
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    J/100 tuning #'s

    Finally, the 100's are talking... Okay, so I carry factory installed sprit with a 112 M^2 down wind and we smoke everyone, lower and faster. Carry a 93 M^2 for a small A sail that works pretty well unless we get on a beam reach with wind and then we are on our butts. Have a 100% jib as only...
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    DQOTD: Double Arm Swivel Mounts

    Ryley - look for Item extruded aluminum. Then look under workbench parts. Item is a company that makes all types of extrusions and parts. System came out great and it is lite and very strong.

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