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    SC50 Chasch Mer Auction 7/16

    Sold for under 10k and is headed to San Diego
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    BP28: Revisiting a 50-yo design brief

    Here's a drawing w/ the outline of a dodger shown.
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    BP28: Revisiting a 50-yo design brief

    I'll share my thoughts on this as I'm the individual Bob has been working with on this design. Lot's of good points here- many questions that can't be answered.  That being said- Bob and I talked about the need for a modern, well built performance cruiser for a market that we feel is not being...
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    The Merits of a J9

    Has anyone shopped a new Malibu or Mastercraft ski boat recently?  Seems to be a pretty good market for $150k-$200k 24’ wakeboard boats that are definitely not being marketed to grandparents.  Or perhaps a 29’ center cockpit fishing boat w/ twin outboards?  It’ll set you back $250k easily w/ a...
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    What happened to pyewacket 110'(?) / Stretched, turboed, reCantered w Wings

    Sitting in shrink wrap in Portland, Oregon.  Wings have been sawzalled off(done before it was shipped up I-5).  Last I heard was still owned by Pong.
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    Grumpy Bob has some fun

    Such a cool thread!
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    Why did Ed kill the FT-10 class?

    Yet to talk to an owner who hasn't loved their Tiger. That's gotta mean something??
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    Why did Ed kill the FT-10 class?

    I've got a lot to say on the issue- (caveat I own one)- but being in and around the boat business for over 20 years I believe the build quality issues of the FT have been overblown. Having watched new Hunters, Beneteaus and even a few new J's come into our market and seen some of the after...
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    Looking for a trailer

    Thanks Phillip- I sent you a p.m.- Mark
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    Looking for a trailer

    I'm in the market for a trailer for Tiger Lilly. If anyone has something they're not planning on using and would like to sell send me a message. Mark McCuddy
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    What to do around Portland

    Many Kayaking opportunities- current is slower on the Willamette right now- check out for rentals. Hopefully you like beer- sign up for and ride to a couple of good brewpubs in town. Forest Park has great hiking trails close in- you're a 1/2 hour from...
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    Sounds to me like there just isn't a large enough market to support a high-end line of sailing gear. You've got a few hard-core users of top of the line gear and then a lions share of the market looking for a serviceable product that only get's used 5-10 times a year.
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    What's the SLAM line look like these days? Is Line 7 still making product?
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    Shit Bowguys say

    you're pinching.... Come up..... you're pinching...
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    FT10 for sale

    that is a smokin deal!
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    FT10 for sale

    Could you post the asking price and your contact information? I'm not in the market (got one) but would like to help you find an owner locally if possible.
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    summer in seattle

    Great video- share it with non-sailing friends and they might just understand why we love doing what we do!
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    Double Damned

    Boat is available to anyone that wants to charter it- all that's required is a non refundable $55k deposit and the boat is yours for as long as you need it! Mark
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    Tigers 1 & 2 in WIRW 2011

    It was a great week- some very well sailed boats- Kirks was best. When we made mistakes we paid instantly. We played with our rig tensions more than usual- and really enjoyed feeling the boat respond accordingly. Tues as the wind was blowing dogs off chains we were going upwind w/ great...
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    I've got an Ipad 2 w/ 3g- INavx worked great for us- used a $10. dry bag I picked up at a kayak store and had no problem reading it during the day. At night we used the "dark" screen and it was good as well. Battery lasted the entire two day race (though the ipad went to sleep between uses- a...