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  1. SoFishticated

    Stinkpot Agound at Honolua Bay

    Pretty cool footage of the helo sling load ops on Kāko’o Haleakalā’s Instagram page:
  2. SoFishticated

    Stinkpot Agound at Honolua Bay

    Everything I’ve heard is consistent with what MauiPunter & others have said above. One interesting thing is that the State Day-use mooring program isn’t well-supported by the State, so a non-profit, Malama Kai, really does the work to maintain the network (they do a great job on low resources...
  3. SoFishticated

    Show your boat not sailing

    Haha, yep, yep. Dove on it to inspect. Double pin design and in good-looking condition, so we were comfortable. Still, wife & I took turns snorkeling with the kids while the other sat in the cockpit ready to spring into pucker mode if something failed. Yeah, just grabbed it for a few hours of...
  4. SoFishticated

    Show your boat not sailing

    How's this mooring grab?! Just north of Kailua-Kona.
  5. SoFishticated

    Show your boat sailing thread

    During a recent family adventure on a 5-day, 371nm loop of Oahu-Hawaii-Maui-Molokai-Oahu, we had spectacular sailing conditions on the home stretch in the Ka'iwi Channel. 18-22kts, with gusts of 25kts and not much higher. 4-6ft seas and we were sailing wing & wing at 7-8 kts, surfing to 10kts on...
  6. SoFishticated

    OK Cruisers, what boat do you have?

    Not sure I can really call myself a cruiser yet, but have a few years of sea time on work ships, and been dreaming about cruising for 31 years—finally bought a 1995 Najad 440 in 2021, so here goes...Like many pandemic boats, she needed some TLC, but not bad, and she sails like a dream. In past...
  7. SoFishticated

    24VDC hydraulic pump replacement specs?

    thanks! unfortunately, options are limited in HNL...current shop has had it for two weeks with no progress. gonna price out a new one and redouble efforts among local auto electric shops
  8. SoFishticated

    24VDC hydraulic pump replacement specs?

    aha, finally found page 276 of the Lewmar catalogue and looks like a Commander 200
  9. SoFishticated

    24VDC hydraulic pump replacement specs?

    The belowdecks pump controlling the in-mast main & Genoa furling burned out on a 1995 Najad 440. There's a Lewmar sticker on the 9L tank, but I can't find specs or documentation on the pump itself and the local hydraulic shop here hasn't been helpful. Lewmar's web site doesn't seem to have any...
  10. SoFishticated

    Fishing while sailing - who's into it?

    For anything more than a quick sunset sail, I’ll generally troll between 3-5 lines, depending on sea state. Used to have a 28’ Uniflite and fish it a lot, so not about to give up proper fishing just because we traded up to our dream cruiser. Here’s a 30-pounder from a recent jaunt down on...

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