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    Something to laugh at

    A beginner's guide to sailing R Class Skiffs Allow no more than 25 minutes between arriving at the club and the starting gun. Bring absolutely no tools, as these are much more conveniently borrowed from other yachties... Rigging the boat The most important thing to remember when rigging...
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    Something to laugh at

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    Suzuki Kizashi

    Yeah I do know someone in the industry, I'll give you a call
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    Suzuki Kizashi

    Fuck this.. Got to learn how this works...... A Suzuki Kizashi Comments, good or bad
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    Suzuki Kizashi

    Think about buying one, any comments good or bad
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    What's happened to the VX One ?

    Way to go slapper, good to see you back and calling it as it is
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    BRISBANE QLD - I need a boatbuilder / backyardy

    I've got some spare time coming up in a weeks time with nothing much to do, pm me and I'll give you a mob number
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    AUS - who do you for insurance.

    Further to the above post...there is an excess so small sail repairs will not be covered but in my experience with insurance companies that's pretty much the norm
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    AUS - who do you for insurance.

    I got full racing cover, for double that amount of cover, home built hull, for a slightly greater premium
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    AUS - who do you for insurance.

    NRMA. Took 20 minutes on the phone no troubles.
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    Laser, What are they worth?

    Fuck sight less than what they cost
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    So how many Elliott 780's were built?

    Check out "what if". Good sporty looking for an owner. Pretty sure it's for sale. Sitting on the hard at RQ
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    Cannot Copy/Past anymore

    I have tried everything, different computers, different browsers, different OS. What format do pics have to be in?
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    Yachting Queensland training camps 2012-2013!

    For f...s sake take out an advert or show us your tits...on second thoughts just take out an advert
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    accounts receivable with people you know

    Don't do business with will lose your money and lose your friends
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    ...Aussie Skiffs are back!!.....

    Have a look at this one, save yourself a lot of money.
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    Lucky, Luck Man

    Look at all those gutless politicians. After the guy is subdued and they know they cant get hurt they run in, in some cases walk in, to put the boot in. Real tough brave guys...
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    iPad idiot?

    Where is RTE, I have hunted but must be blind