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    S2 6.8

    Anyone out there know much about S2 6.8 (or similar, 22 ft boat)I’m looking for any assistance regarding set up for lines/block for the jib. My set up has been sufficient but I’m guessing there’s a better way, thanks 
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    Any S2 owners out there?!

    New to sailing a "bigger" boat. Longtime reader of SA, obviously new poster.  Thanks for your take on S2's and chiming in.  I'm not worried about the keyboard pirates, I've read enough on the forums to know what to expect.   Hoping to hear from another 6.8 shoal draft owner and hear more about...
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    Any S2 owners out there?!

    My companionway is centered, my goofy reference is the non traditional lines.  Sailman-did you have the exciter version 6.8 or the standard shoal? Mine is the shoal draft (no swing keel).  How'd you like yours? Features you enjoyed/didn't like? Thanks for replies 
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    Any S2 owners out there?!

    Not much out there about S2's.  I picked one up last year and hoping to find people to ask questions as they come up.  I'm sailing on a goofy little boat, a 6.8.  Thanks and happy sailing!