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    An Absolutely Ludicrous Albin Vega

    Backing block no doubt. Our old Vancouver 27 was one of these tricked out boats crossing oceans and sorry we let her go.
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    Marshall Sanderling 18 Catboat

    In addition to not oversheeting the main, centerboard adjustment is key to controlling excessive weather helm. Off the wind bring the board up a bit until broad reaching no board at all. Our Menger’s sail area was such and the single line reefing set up so you could raise the centerboard...
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    Marshall Sanderling 18 Catboat

    Had a Menger 19 for almost 20 years and now cruising a Marshall 22. The Menger had almost as much stowage as our Marshall but not nearly as much room in the cabin. With a dodger on or 22 you have headroom where it counts. Menger unfortunately does not sail nearly as well and I believe it may...
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    Small clamp together ball fitting

    Cork sliced and seized. Now you gotta finish the bottle.
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    E37 T-track toe-rail removal

    “nut on enough to protect the end of the screw then hit with a heavy hammer or dead blow” Not a fan but if this is it I’d consider a heavy dolly (maybe some dive weights taped together?) of some sort topside to give some mass to dead blow against. Would rather crack the fastener free some other...
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    E37 T-track toe-rail removal

    Any room to back off the nut a bit and put a second nut on to lock in place, then something with a cheater bar to crack the bolt free? Alternatively make a lock nut with two thinner nuts?
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    Best rowing tender/dinghy with passenger.

    Fatty Knees. We have. 7 1/2 that’ll do two but the bigger 9 ft version may be what you seek. Crazy used prices though.
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    Defender shipping prices

    I'm gonna have to take this one back. Shipping and tax 40 bucks, got here in 36 hours. Didn't see the break down tax/shipping on the phone and my bad.
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    Defender shipping prices

    Yup. Want like $40 on 6 lbs 75 miles away I just tried to order yesterday. I’ll drive to New London and stop at Paul’s Pasta before I’ll let them rip me like that. Else off to West. Too bad used to be a good bunch.
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    Shaft Couplings: to flex or not to flex?

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    Marshall Sanderling 18 Catboat

    Topping lift should run from boom to mast down to gooseneck (or vicinity) and then aft on the same side (port in our case) to a cleat at the fwd end of the cockpit likely on the cabin top. Accessible to ease, I keep it just off the leeward side of the sail when on stbd. Put a siezing at the...
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    Bike helmets Just got one. Pretty comfortable, MIPS, good reviews, real good value. Only beef is shades with straight temples (don’t curve round the ear) either go under or...
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    Marshall Sanderling 18 Catboat

    Topping lift out to the end of the boom. Hoisting you’ve got the weight of the boom on the lift and go off on a slight port tack (our 22 has the mast cheek block on the port side) with the sheet eased and lead with the peak. Just keep an eye on the end of the gaff until you’re past the topping...
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    Marshall Sanderling 18 Catboat

    The ballast in our 22 is trapezoidal and essentially wedged between centerboard trunk and tabbed in structure. If the boat gets to the point where they come adrift you’ve got more problems than loose ballast. Although we transit open water at times (including Chesapeake to New England) they’re...
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    Marshall Sanderling 18 Catboat

    Consider joining the Catboat Association for access to the complete history of Catboat Bulletins in pdf. Wealth of knowledge there. And the Chesapeake has its own association to boot. Our  22 has cockpit drains with seacocks but 20 years sailing a Menger 19 with similar cockpit drain capacity to...
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    Improving engine control panel cover

    Depends how you install it as the gaps leak like sieves. How about a teak eyebrow with the plexi hinged to its underside?
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    Blocks on leech reefing lines a good idea?

    What I haven’t seen here is the practice to lead the clew reef line up to the cringle and then around the leech down to the same side of the boom as the turning block. This allows the sail’s bunt to fall free without bunching under the cringle and fairly eliminates that source for chafe. 
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    SV Triteia

    Would caution him about diving in the Ala Wai , especially post-storm, as there was a death from necrotizing skin infection some years back (some contributing factors, but… Hot shower won’t do it if he’s got breaks in the skin. Needs...
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    Ship's Clock Repair

    We brought our Shipstrike to Chelsea in Boston for overhaul and yes it took ages but beautiful work and accurate timekeeping. As others have noted, you don’t like the noise and want perfect time get a cheap battery run thing from China. 
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    Bukh DV24ME Air Filter Question

    Perhaps intake valve issue. Check compression?