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    Oops Dad, I've Commissioned a New Sailboat ...

    maybe amuse the 6 yr old with something other than handing him your phone.
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    Canadian Politics

    Technically Canada did not burn down the White House, we didnt exist as a country until 1867? But we did have a lot of folks that would become Canadians helping out, manifest destiny or whatever the US agenda was called didnt work out so well.
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    but wait, there's more!

    I'd get my boat voluntarily remeasured and end this nonsense. Who wants to be known as the boat that 'maybe' had a controverial win. I'd want to know I won it , for real.
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    Old Electronics (SSB, WFAX, etc)

    geez that looks lovely and comfortable down there . very nice
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    Mauna Loa volcano

    we were through Kohala , the people I was with dont sit still well , we saw the black sand beach, green sand beach, went to the beach where the monk seals hangout ( all 8 of them) , dove with the mantas at night , toured the waterfalls in the rainforest north of Hilo , got loaded at the Hilo...
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    Mauna Loa volcano

    We holidayed there two weeks ago and trials for hiking near the summit were closed. I'd never seen the lava fields and caldera but it was an eye opener even viewed from a distance. And I think Kona may be the 'coolest' of the islands
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    Whiskey in plastic bottles.

    no glass on my boat if preventable , plastic bottles are just fine
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    Anyone Sell A House Fully Loaded?

    We sold our American vacation house ( vacation place for us, residence for the next owner) turn key, dishes in the cupboard and furnishings in place. Realtor said it didnt matter much , empty / full since it was furniture and kitchen ware not a garage full crapola or a basement from a horror film.
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    Shark 24 for shorthanded racing.

    I raced one for several years. It ( the shark) was designed as a pocket cruiser but ended up being a race boat. I was mediocre but in a distance race, the PHRF rating makes it hard to beat if the wind is 10-12kts. Sails are relatively cheap (here in Canada) and in 20kts the boat is a LOT of fun...
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    Cooking with Cast Iron

    i'm suddenly transported bacjk to grandmas house...
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    Cooking with Cast Iron

    I am totally stealing these stories and claiming them as my own. Unless we end up at the same dinner party, then by all means , I defer to greatness.
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    Cooking with Cast Iron

    I haunt flea markets and rural garage sales for vintage cast iron, I dont know the science of cast iron but 100yr old pans seem to perform better for me and they are $20 each not $150. I put them on the BBQ, in the oven, on the stovetop. Wife hates them , doesnt understand how to use them and...
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    Tanzer 27 wanted shows three listed in the 7 -8,500 range , one in NJ, one in Delaware and one in Ohio
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    Enclosed/cargo trailer advice

    If where you live is like where I live, only buy a trailer that is pullable by the vehicle of choice , and only load it to the capacity designed , when Dept of Transport guys and police are bored, small trailers get pulled over for inspection.
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    Solar Battery Maintainer:

    princess auto ,harbour frieght, amazon all sell an 8x16 small panel with a ciggy lighter end that puts out just enough juice to keep things going. we have one on the dash of my elderly moms car because she didnt drive it enough and the battery was always too low to start thge engine.
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    Hard vs soft gennaker/spinnaker sock / snuffer

    I've used the soft rope , and the wire hoop and now have the plastic toilet seat. I have not used an inflatible type but having tried everything else its the plastic big funnel for me , goes up and comes down everytime with no stress.
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    $300K CAD Small Recreational Cabin

    I have  a friend starting a build on the Sunshine coast ( for our American friends , thats BC , north of Vancouver) , its budgeted at $350 sq ft. Thats current costs in that part of Canada, in metro Toronto or Van its closer to $400 right now.  Your builders lack of detail is quite troubling ...
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    The perils of Race Committee

    our old committee boat was steel and faired well in most collisions, the replacement is glass and not doing so well . It gets hit annually at a minimum. Seriously. 
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    Canadian Truck Driver Anarchy

    the bridge to st catherines is unaffected at this time
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    Show Your Coolest Christmas Present

    Another Lewmar one touch 10" winch handle , may tie a rubber fender to this one. They don't even float for 10 seconds to taunt you. Just gone.