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  1. Barley

    Annapolis - Powerboat on Sailboat Crime

    Sounds reasonable
  2. Barley

    Keel Damage - Anyone have any ideas on what caused this?

    Pretty sure it is from a mooring chain. With the current from behind, pushing the boat forward and the wind keeping the boat from swinging around the boat will drive right up the mooring chain. Seen it a few times. If you are on a slip the chains used to stabilize the ends on some docks...
  3. Barley

    Gulf of maine scuttlebut

    Awesome. Just plain Awesome. Its so boring down in RI.
  4. Barley

    vivid paint over baltoplate

    I am bumping this thread forward, to see if anyone has hard data on what is the "fastest" bottom paint available. Its been a few years since I looked at this thread. I am finally going to put on bottom paint. Currently wet sailing a durepox epoxy bottom and its killing my wallet keeping it...
  5. Barley

    Maretron/Airmar/Furuno ultrasonic wind sensors

    Ok, I have been using a ultra sonic detector for the past 3 years. It is the Airmar PB 250. It is connected to an Ockam system via a custom Ockam interface. Mast height is 75 feet. 1st: You need a really sturdy mount. The detector weighs a ton compared to the old 36 inch bent wand. The...
  6. Barley

    Gulf of maine scuttlebut

    Like the name..... Kitty do you still have your boat?
  7. Barley

    Northeast Short Handed Sailing

    Very good chance I will be able to do this race. Endurance US41555
  8. Barley

    Gulf of maine scuttlebut

    Well first you need to have a girlfriend or wife......
  9. Barley

    Should I Replace this sail... looking a bit baggy or ok?

    I think we need a better view of the sail. There appears to be someone standing in the way. Could you kindly ask her to move.
  10. Barley

    2011 Monhegan Island Race, Portland, Maine

    Never thought the friday start would be an issue. With a new job I can not leave Rhode Island until 5pm tommorrow. Sucks not to be able to race this year. Good luck everyone. And as a response to "why race the Monhegan" Well its a little different double handing with no autopilot. 1...
  11. Barley

    Cone? Did somebody say Cone?

    Just got my ass kicked by the cone on friday night. And thanks for waiting for us before starting the party, NOT
  12. Barley


    This thread has died a slow death and is done.
  13. Barley

    Looking For a Painter in/near Portsmouth, NH

    Where in South Berwick. Have you heard of Ducky?
  14. Barley

    Neverending Story Part 3

    with no dry toiletpaper
  15. Barley

    Never Have I Ever

    Once drank warm beer from the bilge in Bermuda, and climbed MT Washington without beer. that's worth something.
  16. Barley

    Neverending Story Part 2

    no wit that's it
  17. Barley

    Neverending Story Part 2

    the deck for sleeping
  18. Barley

    Neverending Story Part 2

    medium if turned twice
  19. Barley

    Gulf of maine scuttlebut

    Very sad to hear this. I thought I saw him in Boothbay this summer on his MONK 36.
  20. Barley

    Looking to crew on a fast boat

    well bitch, If you want to go racing, you can show up 2 hours before any race, clean the bottom, fill the fridge with beer, buy lunch/make lunch, get out and organize the most likely to be used upwind and downwind sails, prep the deck for racing(organize halyards, run all lines, etc), stay...

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