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    Sydney to Hobart 2017

    Does anybody know how to watch the start of the race from the US online?
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    R2AK 2016

    I've been following the stories of all the teams from the paddle boarder to the Krak-Ups to the Kitties to the Dog, and watching the terrific races within races closely. As a multi-decade follower of Transpacs and Pan Am Clipper Cups, Kenwood Cups and America's Cups following the r2AK has...
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    Hawaii boating has lost one of its real characters

    Thanks for starting this thread Dan. The Vasconcellos, Rothwell & Opperman families ruled the waves at WYC back in the day. Or at least had enough kids between the families that it certainly felt that way. 14 or 15 of us. A full pool let's put it that way. One of the stories I remember...
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    Youth AC Team/attempted life saving

    The American Youth Sailing Force was involved in an attempted rescue of a drowning woman when her Mini-van careened off the embankment of the Marina Green. The team was setting up for their fundraising dinner at GGYC when screams were heard across the marina. The team responded by making it out...
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    Police escort Moth off Lake Union for Speeding.

    You're kidding right?
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    tired 29er kite, anyone?

    yeah, I got a purple beater. Its free of holes and the head patches have been replaced for reinforcement. looking for about 80$ fo it. Its up in seattle but its not hard to mail. let me know if you still need one. I also got some newer ones that did the worlds in england and saan fran...
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    anything better than a melges?

    Okay Okay, but i want to know more about the U20 class. I know there are lots of boats around the northwest but i guess alot of them arnt racing. IF anybody knows anything about the clas please let me know. Thanks
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    anything better than a melges?

    The U20 class interest me. They seem to be a great OD class and fun to sail in PHRF too. Are there any guys racing in the seattle area in OD? I understand that they have a fleet in the NOOD regattas and am just wondering if there are any local one design regattas in the northwest area. Thanks
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    anything better than a melges?

    I am curently based in the seattle region and am willing to travel t regattas if the boat is not to hard to trail.
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    anything better than a melges?

    Thanks alot guys, i'll definetly look into these. Price is not such a big deal as long as it is not ridiculusly expensve. I am looking for somthing that I can race one design and also race in the occasional PHRF regatta. Somthing Fast and Fun and ony requires a few crew. Thanks again
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    anything better than a melges?

    I am planing on upgrading from a soling to somthing faster and more modern. I have been thinking of trading for a melges but I dont like the idea of having to round up 4 other crew members to do a race. Is there any boat out there around 25 feet that race with 3 crew but are still modern and...
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    Seattle Sailmaker Recommendations?

    Doug Christie and gang is where I would go. Rob Fleming's sails he did are awesome.
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    BMW Oracle Racing

    Heard that the hull(s) was(were) built in Sedro Woolley and moved to Anacortes to outfit. Someone told me just to follow the Beemers and that would lead me there, haha, but still haven't been able to find them. Anyone know?
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    Lahaina Return results???

    Results? There was so much wind down both sides of Moloka'i that most boats were just happy to make it home without the assistance of the Coast Guard. Broken masts, rudders, lost sails, ripped sails... you name it, it happened. From what I heard it was knarly, and that's an understatement.
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    What kind of help does Southern Yacht Club need?

    Pips, thanks for the info about the club rebuilding plans. I will send money directly to the club, when there is a dry address to send it to, for them to help the members worst hit. They will know who among their flock needs the kokua. That new club of the future is going to be very important...
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    SA Disaster Relief Fund

    I'm with Clew, let's help the sailors in dire need. Sailors for Sailors.
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    What kind of help does Southern Yacht Club need?

    Well thank you very much for telling me who I should focus on, Cooper in PCola. I have friends at SYC and would like to direct MY couple a hundred bucks their way, towards their club or towards helping fix up the city of Metairie or towards club members who have suffered catastrophic losses...
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    What kind of help does Southern Yacht Club need?

    When (and IF ever) you folks at Southern Yacht Club have a moment to check out SA, please let us all know what we can do to help. I much prefer to give to a specific organization, SYC for example, or to club members who might need financial or physical help. Please let us know and we will...
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    2 Guys on the Edge

    I think they came in 2nd in class. 3rd time they'd done the doublehanded division together.
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    Artistic Advice needed