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    Vendee Globe 2020 - Virtual Race

    Anyone notice that the foils on the boats are starting to read lower than 100%? Is that a factor of a tighter wind angle?
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    Team NYYC

    Best part of today is  that the all in the  Newport Mafia were able to see them ripping around the bay today and no one is putting video up. Keeping it tight. 
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    Mark Ellis

    He designed this beauty....
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    12 meter charter Newport - worth it?

    Heritage never competed for the America's Cup. She competed in the Defender Trials.
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    ACWS New York - May 6, 7, 8 2016

    No Rome Kirby on the list for the ACWS NYC.
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    2015 Sydney to Hobart

    that could come back to haunt them
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    2015 Sydney to Hobart

    On the RSH site, the distance to the finish is to downtown Hobart. That is why the Rambler is listed as 1.1mi behind? Yellowbrick has a 10 mile lead to Cape Pillar for the Comanche.
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    2015 Sydney to Hobart

    Rambler hit a Sunfish??? What the fuck is that thing bro?
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    Mapfre docked 2 points for altering yacht

    This'll sting a bit.
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    VOR Leg 6 Itajai - Newport (2015)

    ouch. 2 point penalty for Mapfre
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    VOR Newport

    Angus is right, All village activities at Fort Adams. New Pier built in time for the 65's to dock, The team at Sail Newport is running it with the state and city helping. Dinghies will have a place to tie up free near the hoist pier at Sail Newport I'm told. Village attractions in the big...
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    Sydney to Hobart 2014

    Not in New England. Not in New England.
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    - a US$15m (NZ$19m) event fee to the America's Cup Events Authority - a US$25m (NZ$32m) underwrite to cover any sponsorship shortfall by ACEA. - US$14m (NZ$18m) for site preparation and infrastructure for docks and America's Cup village - US$11m (NZ$14m) operation expenses for the America's...
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    It's official, they (bermuda) were truly bidding against themselves.
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    EVILSIN / ggyc FAOC 2

    Where that is drawn will require a massive filling of the sound to create the "land" that this drawing shows. A huge public works project. Google earth the dockyards area. That flat space is currently water and reef.
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    Commentator thread......

    I can't believe none of you caught 5 mins and 30 seconds into the Race 8 replay! Raise your Glass! edit that link is to the highlights show...
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    Webcam needs a better driver. 9 minutes ago according to VSail. 72'
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    Oracle AC72

    Second guy back is Scott Ferguson, Jamestown RHODE ISLAND!
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    AC in Newport - worth going???

    The entry fees go to the ac. That is what has been reported anyway.
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    VOR Leg 5

    exactly! 15 points! bookem dano!