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  1. Andiamo

    Imitation thread: Where didja get your log in name??

    Stole it off a boat anchored next to us one night at Roque Island, Maine. I like the way it rolled off the tongue and the translation: "Let's Go!"
  2. Andiamo

    Looking to buy J34c

    Anyone know who has hull# 9? They passed by us yesterday off Seguin Island, Maine.
  3. Andiamo

    J34c holding tank replacement

    We have the same story. I'm hoping it's the old whale pump that was orphaned by a electric macerator. ...but it may be time for a new tank.
  4. Andiamo

    Looking for daysailer/overnighter

    S2 7.9 Meter There is a gorgeous inboard one for sale in Maine that is a steal. Huge cockpit, enclosed head, and all the go-fast stuff.
  5. Andiamo

    The best of the best in sailing books

    Anything by Tristan Jones Captain Jones has clamed to have logged 450,000 nautical miles - probably more than any other living person. Mostly aboard small sailboats and mostly alone. He said he sailed the Atlantic at least 20 times, 9 were single-handed and he has circumnavigated the globe 3...
  6. Andiamo

    An Indian

    Sounds like a Mexican take down
  7. Andiamo

    Best Yacht Club web sites

    Check out You can create your own social network website for free. It is all drag-and-drop, no programming skills required. You can add events, forums, groups, photos, calendar, Blog, member only area, gadgets. It's free if you allow ads and use their URL (ie...
  8. Andiamo

    Rules Questions

    Case 69 in the ISAF Case Book talks about this also: CASE 69 Rule 42.1, Propulsion: Basic Rule Momentum of a boat after her preparatory signal that is the result of being propelled by her engine before the signal does not break rule 42.1. Question In a flat sea and 1-2 knots of wind a...
  9. Andiamo

    New Bottom Cleaning Law

    Is this the solution?
  10. Andiamo

    Gulf of maine scuttlebut

    Geeze, no results for Racing D???!!! What's up with that!
  11. Andiamo

    quick rules question

    I get it, a common question. I vote for looping around mark 2, leaving it to Starboard to comply with rule 28.1: 28.1 A boat shall start, leave each mark on the required side in the correct order, and finish, so that a string representing her wake after starting and until finishing would...