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    Pack type sailcover that doesn't act like a funnel

    Looks like most of the ideas are for preventing water intrusion. I figured some water inside was inevitable for whatever reason so I sewed in some mesh panel sections at the bottom of the pack. This allows for some (but not all) the water to drain. Won't help with what accumulates on the sail...
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    Frers designed Fast 500 - thoughts?

    Hi all.  I've scoured the web for info about the Frers designed Fast 500 apparently built in Brazil.  Looks like they are Swan-esque, but I'm trying to find out about production methods, quality, durability, reputation, etc.  I'd greatly appreciate any info about the yard, or about the Fast 500...
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    Sovereign 54 - info?

    Anarchists, I've been looking for info about the Sovereign 54 - haven't found anything on the web other than listings.  Specifically - build quality and sailing performance.  Interested in long-distance performance cruising and passage making, single- and short-handed. Thanks in advance!

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