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  1. Icedtea

    GGR 2022

    This joke of a race will continue until Don's ego is satisfied. Hoping for the best for Tapio
  2. Icedtea

    Solitaire du Figaro 2022

    Crazy ending to the last leg, really happy for Dolan getting top 5 in the overall rankings thus far
  3. Icedtea

    Greek Islands Dinghy Sailing

    Hello All,  Figured I'd ask this here since my own research is drawing a blank.  I'm looking to find somewhere in the Greek islands where it's possible to hire dinghies by the day/hour off the beach.  I've a ton of sailing experience (international dinghy sailing, 700 mile offshore races etc)...
  4. Icedtea

    East West round the world record (Use it again trimaran)

    Bit strange - was there any reason ever given for Alex not continuing? 
  5. Icedtea

    Transat Jacques Vabre 2021

    That's an absolutely shit thing to take or even discuss from this race, just grow up
  6. Icedtea

    How about a The Ocean Race thread?

    That's incredible - is that the longest leg ever? I remember in maybe 2008 they went from Qingdao to Punta, and that was considered absolutely huge. 
  7. Icedtea

    VR Transat Jacques Vabre

    I'll likely do 1 with full options and one for free.  With 4 classes doing all of them would be a very expensive proposition
  8. Icedtea

    Mini transat 2021

    Absolutely - some people just have it.  How detailed are the forecasts they receive during the race? I know it's done over SSB, but in what format?  I guess what I'm trying to work out is what kind of "picture" they can build of what's forming in front of them- can they work out how far south...
  9. Icedtea

    Mini transat 2021

    Following this leg much closer than I did the first.  At the moment I'm liking how the southern group are positioned, better chance of getting around the approaching high without slowing down as much.  Conditions very nice so far. 
  10. Icedtea

    Vendee Globe 2024

    That makes sense - and he certainly showed speed at points in the VG.  Overall I feel like there was a bit of an argument settling in the last Vendee where the boats that were quick in all conditions were the ones that both lasted the pace and were at the pointy end come the race back to...
  11. Icedtea

    Vendee Globe 2024

    Is there any real confirmation the boat is a dog though?  I amn't convinced it's quick, but a dog is a stretch surely 
  12. Icedtea

    Vendee Globe 2024

    Yep - I assume they can use their current boat, but she's for sale. Could be a young skipper older boat type arrangement like BP did with Clarisse last time round? 
  13. Icedtea

    "Foiler Racing Yacht" For Sale- What is it?

    Spotted this on Apollo Duck UK while I should have been working this morning - looks like a single cat hull with some mad foils hanging off the side.  The text of the ad is: The only picture attached is this, and here's the link to the ad Anyone know what it is? Was is probably the more...
  14. Icedtea

    VR Solo Maître Coq

    Determined to not shit the bed in this one, can't hack another embarassment like the Nordstream.  It's tempting to try lay the top island in tack, what do you all think?
  15. Icedtea

    RORC 600 - Virtual Race

    Trying to set waypoints (not timed) to round the island as it will happen very early for this part of the world. They keep deleting/moving.  Fuck this shit, if I'm aground when I wake up, so be it. 
  16. Icedtea

    RORC 600 - Virtual Race

    Somehow amn't aground yet. 
  17. Icedtea

    RORC 600 - Virtual Race

    Sailing perilously close to the shore in an effort to set up well for the reach to mark 2.  This can only go well. 
  18. Icedtea

    The phocéa (ex club méditerranée) is burning!

    Does anyone know if she's still there?  Just took a look on Google Maps and can't see anything. 
  19. Icedtea

    RORC 600 - Virtual Race

    Fuckit, I'll do it. 
  20. Icedtea

    hugo boss already for sale?

    It really hasn't shown itself to be any faster than any other current model IMOCA. It will be a vendee boat, but won't fetch the price his last bus did.

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