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    Shed a tear for GGYC

    Why? Whatever else they may have done, they gave us Dogzilla, the awesome AC72's, and the 30-knot match racing in AC35.  Now the mantle has passed to another competitor, who has quite an act to beat. The king is dead, long live the king.
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    There was no SAS

    The reason peoploe are upset by the "Little Herbie" allegation is that the yaw damper is NOT a simple piece of kit and never was, even when it was introduced on the B-47 bomber (NOT the Boeing 747!). It takes inputs from a rate gyro to control the rudder, which clearly makes it illegal in the...
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    There was no SAS

    A control system similar to a yaw-damper that sensors (such as a rate gyro) to directly affect the position of the foils, as you describe, would be illegal under the rules, and the measurers would certainly recognise that. I think that the origin of the "Little Herbie" story is the diagram of...
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    The 12 Steps

    Incidentally the originator of this rumour, whoever it was, didn't even get his facts right. A quick search on google reveals that while "Little Herbie" was indeed the name given to the first yaw-damper, it was installed on the B-47 bomber (not the Boeing 747 civil airliner) and entered civil...
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    The 12 Steps

    I've been watching the races again on youtube to find this Eureka moment, and there isn't one. ETNZ owned Oracle in races 1-7. Actually the boats were very well matched, except for the tacks at which Oracle sucked. The fact that the kiwis were continually bouncing Oracle on to the wrong side...
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    Is it really all about the money?

    Luck, and the weather, works both ways. A little more wind in race 8 could have left the slower boat with the cup.
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    AC72 Construction News

    Is it supposed to? You're pretty good at calling others trolls..... had a look in the mirror lately?

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