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    SPAD - Vic Carpenter

    Spad is Bad
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    Vinyl Wraps, Who has em?? Worth it??

    Quick update on the wrap for a 25 foot sailboat. With waterline and cove stripe of 3M 1080 by a Preferred 3M installer - $3,500.00. This is not the panacea for an unsightly hull.
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    Vinyl Wraps, Who has em?? Worth it??

    I am seriously looking into putting a wrap on my 25 foot 5ksb. In the Detroit area there are two easily ID'd 3M Preferred vendors who promote marine wraps and also carry the Avery product. Other than the drawback of a limited color pallet (I so wanted Awlgrips Sea Foam Green) what is good to...
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    Best Sailboat to Race for Amateurs

    a.lozon,Congratulations on your decision to put another boat on the line in your area and grow the sport. May I suggest a third path? If a trailer is not a deal breaker, have you considered another popular Detroit boat - the Cal 25 - there are a few nice options under the for sale listing on...
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    2015 Helly Hansen NOOD Regatta - Chicago

    GL 70's running their own event in Muskegon this same weekend. 5 - four-legged races run on Saturday in a consistent 14 knotish breeze.
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    The Best Shorts and Why? Weigh in people. YOU* are the experts

    I have not read any comments on the Zhik shorts. Comparing them vs the Gill.
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    Bayview Mac 2015 NOR

    We did one BYC Mac race on the Melges 32 - Never again. Did five Chi- Macs on the Melges 32 and some of those memories are the best ever. Doing a race like that on a boat where you have little shelter and no one goes below - EVER - is a different challenge but not a bad one.
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    Pegasus 55

    Hmmm, wonder if the owner would entertain an offer to avoid winter storage fees?
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    Pegasus 55

    Anyone know the current where about's and disposition of her today? Looking for a boat that fits this size and purpose so why not start with the best?
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    C&C 44, Anyone have experience with this boat racing or cruising?

    spent a ton of time racing three varieties of the 41 when it was new and suspect the perfromance of 44 is similar to the standard version. Good all around boat and over-all Mackinac race winner. Never had a build concern.
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    what is it?

    put Seadek on the cockpit nonskid last year and it is amazing. Works great dry and even better wet, eliminates the need for pads in the shorts, is easy on the knees and the threads. The rest of the boat is petitioning for the upgrade.
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    lake ontario short handed series boat sugguestions

    could add a Lindenburg 26 to the list
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    Why Does this Only Rate 198 ?

    probably slowed by poor sails and bad sailors .
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    Going paperless

    if we go from paper to pixels can I have my rubberbands and woolies back?
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    WTF, Esimit sailors threaten activists with knives?

    There’s an underlying theme here that cuts to the heart of enviros and America. They wouldn’t be able to exist in the US without personal and economic freedom. They do their best to ensure that we have no economic freedom. Then they are shocked when they go to an area ruled by thugs. They...
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    Hull Speed Coating

    I am interested too, everything from a Laser (Torch) to a 5kt,sb to a 26 foot powerboat.
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    In total agreement with Secret Squirrel and LZ.
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    Queens Cup 2013

    PRO took water temp readings on Thursday and found temps mid lake as low as 38 degrees. It was bitterly cold and the heavy fog only added to the joy. The town of Ludington was GREAT! I have never been to a finish line port so filled with welcoming and helpful people. I think 50% of the town was...
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    dat’s dem hoodlums

    Must have pissed off Clean at some point. Like most reporters, if they say if often enough it must be true.
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    Family Racing Boat

    Cal 25. Ten foor cockpit and room to play hide and seek down below. Easy to race double handed with a buddy and hold the 3 year olds in your lap. Pennies on the dollar vs the sporty options.

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