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  1. DaveK

    SOL Sailing???

    I can't get that video to post which is weird.... so in other news we had a private boat break free of its anchor on the ocean side of lagoon. It's a rule here to use 2 anchors but they did not :( Boat is doomed with an 8' crack in the hull, They may drag it off reef where it quickly falls to...
  2. DaveK

    SOL Sailing???

    I moved to an island in the middle of the pacific that actually has a yacht club with 6 sunfish to sail. Not very many people sail them but me and for some reason my life loves these little boats compared to my Corsair tri back home. And I'm guessing cause all she has to do is sit there and not...
  3. DaveK

    SOL Sailing???

    Do we know anything about this hype? Is this another lateen rigged boat. I've been relegated to sailing sunfish lately and found this on the FB sunfish page.

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