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  1. Foredeck Shuffle

    SOL Sailing???

    They are plastic and there are many. Stop making them today and only make parts and the class will keep going for a few more decades. More than enough time for those racing them for the nostalgia to not be racing them anymore.
  2. Foredeck Shuffle

    SOL Sailing???

    Rather see the end of the SF with a boat like the Rocket taking its place. DHC has already proven that that nearly the same form factor can have all of the improvements desired.
  3. Foredeck Shuffle

    SOL Sailing???

    Someone trying to get a cut on the Rocket's success? Seems very late to the game and how many Rocket's are out there? The delivery schedule is backed up by 6+/- months so there might be an opportunity there. Rather see the Rocket become a popular OD than see a Rocket rip-off split sales and...

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