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  1. JMOD

    When buying a star

    thanks for all the replies! so for a decent fleetboat a mader is probably the way to go! thanks for the differences on the builders, that really helps! i'll post updates as the search continues!
  2. JMOD

    When buying a star

    thanks, the lillia we are looking at is in the 76-77 range from 1992. so number wise that should be okay. thank you all for the info sofar!!
  3. JMOD

    When buying a star

    a teammate of mine and i are looking to buy a star. what are thinks to look out for? weak spots, difference between the builders, etc. we now have an eye on a Lillia out of 1995, what are things to look out for. we are already looking at boats that have an: - epoxy hull - dubbel bottom...

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