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  1. Notquitecapnron

    NEMA 2000 to Ethernet

    I've been using the YDWG-02 for a couple years. Easy setup, no issues.
  2. Notquitecapnron

    The Ocean Race 2023 leg 3: Capetown to Itajaí, Brazil

    Couple of photos available of sail repairs being performed. This is caption from one.... Amory Ross / 11th Hour Racing / The Ocean Race "The Ocean Race 2022-23 - 05 March 2023, Leg 3, Day 7 onboard 11th Hour Racing Team. Charlie Enright cutting a panel of spare 3Di...
  3. Notquitecapnron

    The Ocean Race 2023 leg 2: Cabo Verde to Capetown

    It's a vague memory, but didn't Jack get flicked?
  4. Notquitecapnron

    The Ocean Race 2023 leg 2: Cabo Verde to Capetown

    On the broadcast, it seems to me that there is very little coordination between commentator and camera shot. On a few occasions commentator would be making, or setting up a point per subject/boat on screen, then suddenly video cuts away to another shot that had no relevance to commentary. Not...
  5. Notquitecapnron

    How about a The Ocean Race thread?

    Look like Holcim-PRB has gybed back to stay in the vein of better air and set up hotter to finish. If that vein moves with 11th hour, they could make up ground without a gybe. Long way to catch up in similar air though.
  6. Notquitecapnron

    How about a The Ocean Race thread?

    Exactly what I was thinking. Would love to see the drone video of the retrieval.
  7. Notquitecapnron

    Laser 28, mast support pillar, removal

    Thats one to post in the Lake Ontario L28 FB page too. Someone there will get the word out. Especially with a good bukh.
  8. Notquitecapnron

    Laser 28, mast support pillar, removal

    Try your questions here It's a Lake Ontario group by name, but it's full of Laser 28 owners from all over.
  9. Notquitecapnron

    Anyone have a US source for RBS battens?

      I contacted them through their website last year for a non OD backstay flicker (stock material, no holes or rigging) and they were happy to send it to me directly from Hood River.
  10. Notquitecapnron

    Missoula, Montana - Any good sailing/racing to be had nearby?

    "Thermals" someone mentioned... In an effort to escape my family for a day on a visit to their home in Missoula, my wife and I went up to Flathead Lake just to see it.  Ended up on a rental Oday something with a bunch of cherries and a couple bottles of local wine.  We had a late start and were...
  11. Notquitecapnron

    Masthead wind sensors/transducers?

    LOL...sorry for the confusion, I was referring to "Dead Down Wind"s comment, which apparently I had the wrong one anyway.  Didn't even notice there was another moniker aboard with "Dead" in the screen name.  Apologies.  Carry on.  
  12. Notquitecapnron

    Masthead wind sensors/transducers?

    This is the french sensor Dead refers to... No experience.
  13. Notquitecapnron

    Depth finder for 27-foot sailboat

    Hey Bull, My Cal is on a Corp lake too.  Flooded in 88.  Lots of trees and structure under the water.  Great for fish...not great for anchors.  My old fish finder shows that crap nicely so I don't drop the hook in a sea of trees/branches and whatever.  Anchors don't come back from that.
  14. Notquitecapnron

    2021 Sydney to Hobart
  15. Notquitecapnron

    2021 Sydney to Hobart

    Nic is live
  16. Notquitecapnron

    2021 Sydney to Hobart

    looks like Nic plans to head out...from her FB page :D There are a few interesting battles happening on the Derwent at the moment, one is between Celestial and Ichi Ban, two TP52's who are within 0.3nm just past Tasman Island. Before we head out to livestream the finishes of Stefan Hair...
  17. Notquitecapnron

    2021 Sydney to Hobart

    Ichi - Celest battle tightening
  18. Notquitecapnron

    Worst Sailboat Ad of All Time

    My 1985 Laser 28 has a tiller extension notch.  It's pretty handy for quick trip forward while single handing.   Nice mainsail flake.
  19. Notquitecapnron

    no boat speed through water

    Explain how STW works tied to the dock with a 43 wheel transducer that you claim to have please?  Is your transducer located just aft or forward of the prop?

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