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  1. Sneaky Duck

    Cayard out at US Failing

    So, where do we place our bets that next year's CoC's is in Virtual Regatta? Nothing legitimizes our sport like removing the athletes 100% from the action. I'm really looking forward the next Super Bowl being played in Madden 2023.
  2. Sneaky Duck

    Buffer for boats

    I'm struggling to figure out what's best, do you want an Orbital buffer, or a Random Orbital buffer for Gelcoat? Does that answer change if it's paint? And if Random Orbital, do you want a long throw or short throw? Just bought a boat that needs a good doll up and I'm going to finally invest...
  3. Sneaky Duck

    shrink tube over splices

    I saw a company that sells spliced STS backstays and it has shrink tubing over the splices. Is there a benefit to doing that? What application would it be appropriate? I'm going through all the systems of my boat and replacing all the lines and there are a lot of spliced eyes and spliced on...
  4. Sneaky Duck

    Is there any structural reason I can't ream these holes bigger?

    I think it's 3mm. whatever the smallest size West Marine sold in the store by me.
  5. Sneaky Duck

    Is there any structural reason I can't ream these holes bigger?

    Thanks. I didn't think so, but I only have a VERY high level understanding of boat building and where loads are.
  6. Sneaky Duck

    Is there any structural reason I can't ream these holes bigger?

    I need to get rid of the wire that runs to my Jib cars and replace it with dynema so that it runs smoother. Is there any structural reason I can't ream those 2 holes out so the dynema fits and runs smooth?
  7. Sneaky Duck

    Must have books for the "round the cans" racer

    you're not wrong. however I don't enjoy working out either but i know it's good for me. Sometimes focusing on the outcome is a good enough motivator. I get your point though and would/will 100% be like that. Unless its a gripper a 300 page book will likely take me 2-3 months to read.
  8. Sneaky Duck

    Must have books for the "round the cans" racer

    I got into a conversation with my crew last year while in postponement at Star Worlds about "taking racing seriously" and "reading to learn and improve," and he mentioned that he doesn't understand why more people don't spend more time reading and learning if they're really working to improve...
  9. Sneaky Duck

    Zhik Dinghy Boots

    For anyone who has them, how much cooler and more flexible are the 560 boots then the 360s? I've got the 360's and they're great, but my feet sweat quite a bit in them in summer racing. Is it a noticeable difference? Worth having both?
  10. Sneaky Duck

    J/22 Middle Crew questions

    Ok, raced all last season on a 22. Did really well. We ended up 2nd for the season. I want to invest a bit personally in my skill, and equipment since I'll likely be in the boat again for 2023. If you don't mind i'm going to asked them bulleted... 1. how the HELL do you get the sheets to...
  11. Sneaky Duck

    Mast bend and sail recut (why isn't it as big a benefit to all boat classes?)

    Ok, so I have asked this question of a couple sail makers and I'm confused so perhaps if I start a thread about it with a few people chiming in.... SOMEONE can put it in terms I understand. I race/own a Thistle, and a Star. VERY different boats I know one of the biggest differences I think is...
  12. Sneaky Duck

    JY-15....Heinous Piece of Shit.

    I love this thread so much. I'm glad it's resurrected. I missed it the first time around.
  13. Sneaky Duck

    Looking to buy a new or used Sail Racing Orca Wetsuit size 2XL

    And to clarify, I'm looking for a full suit, not the half suit or long johns.
  14. Sneaky Duck

    Looking to buy a new or used Sail Racing Orca Wetsuit size 2XL

    Wondering if there's anyone out there with one they'd sell or if anyone knows where to look? I checked the classifieds here and have been looking on ebay. Sail Racing apparently is out of stock and won't restock because they're going to be redesigning it. However that won't be until 2024 or...
  15. Sneaky Duck

    "Zero Emissions" by 2035?!?

    No Joke! It's about to be a hell of a lot cheaper to buy a 2nd boat and just leave it down there with a buddy. I'll keep his 2nd boat up here in trade. hahaha
  16. Sneaky Duck

    "Zero Emissions" by 2035?!?

    Not a political post, but a legit question. With California and now NY mandating that all new vehicles be zero emissions by 2035, what options are there out there now, and what's likely the best choice for someone pulling a boat? Granted, I get that tech will change in the next 10 years and...
  17. Sneaky Duck

    Finn sailing

    Oh, I'm sure i would have gotten in trouble if I had passed a cop. I really should have had a flag on the end of the mast too.... oh well. Took back roads home. added 45 minutes to the trip, but, less likely to pass a cop.
  18. Sneaky Duck


    Holy crap! I never go to the front page, but was randomly looking there and recognized this situation. I was in this race. I had a buddy racing on another boat who had never been in a sailboat race before and he asked me about this all in the car on the way home. All I could say was that it...
  19. Sneaky Duck

    Finn sailing

    New toy! I’ll start back on page one and get caught up on how to rehab this old girl. Newport Finn haul number 702 if anyone knows anything about her. Took it for my first sail in a Finn today and I’ve got to be honest…. I’m pissed at myself for waiting this long to get one. This is the best...
  20. Sneaky Duck

    Finn sailing

    Thanks. It's a Newport. And I'm thinking of doing the Toilet Bowl. It's the same weekend as Star Districts for me, but at $320 for a weekend regatta.... I think I'm going to skip that one. Much appreciated for the info!