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  1. rodney_k

    Wooden Shampoo

    In those days, the LAPD phone number was 1-800-###-####
  2. rodney_k

    Astronomy Anarchy

    The conjunction of Venus, Jupiter, and Mars is approaching on 10/27. Took a peek this morning 5:00 AM Pacific in the eastern sky. All three of them visible in a line along the ecliptic, Venus on top, Jupiter in the middle, and Mars on the bottom. I could see the bands across the face of...
  3. rodney_k

    Can someone tell me about the WWP 19?

    FWIW, Check this out. This guy sailed his WWP 19 to Hawaii: I think he sailed the boat to Alaska and back down the west coast to his home port of Berkeley too.
  4. rodney_k

    Sonic Booms - Fallon?

    I'm in Carson City - quiet as a church - about 50 miles west of NAS Fallon.
  5. rodney_k


    This is a warning sign at the archery range here in Carson City, NV. I've never seen a rattle snake at the range though. Probably because they would look like a pin cushion if they wandered in.
  6. rodney_k

    Best-Case Practices for Getting back at someone that Fucks U Over

    I am old and I still fuck. That was hilarious. Especially when he yells "I'M BAAAAAAAK!!"
  7. rodney_k

    Mid size SUV for the wife

    My 2010 Mercedes GLK-350 has a real time fuel consumption display: We bought the MB in 2012 as a MB Certified Pre-Owned. It had 24,000 miles then. The odometer new reads a little over 50,000 miles. We live in northern Nevada and drive over the Sierras to the boat in the SF Bay area once or...
  8. rodney_k

    Things that need bustin'

    The EPA!
  9. rodney_k

    Puerto Vallata

    La Cruz de Haunacaxtle Sayulita San Pancho
  10. rodney_k

    Drive rant---SUVs slowing to zero for "bumps"

    42Fs all natural. I also slow to take dips on a diagonal so the "girls" sway back and forth ( . )( . ) Life is good. Sorry, no pics as I fear execution.
  11. rodney_k

    Drive rant---SUVs slowing to zero for "bumps"

    I slow down for the speed bumps and dips when my wife is in the SUV because she really gets upset when her tits hit her chin. I "forget" occasionally because it is fun to watch bouncing boobs!
  12. rodney_k

    Up For A Little Car Trivia

    85%. I am only 62.
  13. rodney_k

    Quail Hunting

    There are hundreds of quail here in and around Carson City, NV. They are all over the place year 'round. Here is one sitting on my front gate. His buddies are up on my roof.
  14. rodney_k

    Double Dicks!

    "[–]Carmen- 2533 points 5 days ago He's ambidickstrous." Pure gold right there!!
  15. rodney_k


    +1. Even after an inspection by a pro use a bow stringer and try to keep your body/face/eyes out of the plane of the bow limbs and string.
  16. rodney_k


    I shoot a 1962 Herter's Perfection 56" recurve. 50# draw weight at 28". Bought it new when I was 11. Used to hunt when I lived in Idaho but now I target shoot fixed range, field, and 3D. There is also a vintage or Trad(itional) archery movement which I am part of. No compound bows and we use...
  17. rodney_k

    grill anarchy

    +1 on the Weber E-210. Perfect for me and SWMBO. Cooked a 14 lb turkey on Thanksgiving on indirect heat with Apple wood chips over the active burner - came out moist and perfect. Makes a SB BBQ like no other. Enough height for beer can chicken too.
  18. rodney_k

    Anybody know what this is? (besides a flower pot)

    Serious answer in post #5. Condor 16.
  19. rodney_k

    Anybody know what this is? (besides a flower pot)

    It is a Condor 16. I owned one about 1979 or so. Sailed it on the lagoons in Foster City, CA and in the south bay. I thought it sailed OK and was large enough to snake women out of Sr. Pepe's for an evening sail after happy hour.
  20. rodney_k

    ssb radio usb & disney voices

    The knob on the lower right of the front panel is the Clarifer on the M710. There is a detent when the clarifer control is centered.

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