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    Evelyn 32-2 Mods for Collegiate Offshore Team

    Longy's comment is spot on: safety is first. You won't build a program if people get hurt. You won't be competitive if things break. I'd focus first on rigging issues -- if the rigging is in poor shape (standing and running), it will need replacement. If the donated boat is garbage based on...
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    Schock 35 dilemma - I could use some help, or....

    I faced this issue and installed the new engine in a 41. No regrets, but the new motor was only half the cost. I’d get an estimate from Mack boring to rebuild your engine. New motor required new engine enclosure, larger exhaust hose, lots of little stuff which is a pain Old engine fully...
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    Fixing holes in interior teak

    I realize there is no chance the OP would install laminate, however I'd respectfully submit that a successful laminate installation on a large vertical surface is quite tricky, and if there is any mistake, it is there permanently. P
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    hand bearing compass

    +1 on the Vion -- ours is old (1979) and had radiation lighting that eventually went away. Now it's daytime use only. Have a Plastimo Iris for night use.
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    Aluminum Anarchy

    Lovely boat. You are a wise sailor to hand her back. I wrote this before understanding you'd returned her. May be of use if you are considering another aluminum boat. I would be exceptionally careful to keep the boat away from shore power which can connect your hull to other hulls...
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    Guy and Girl without Patreon account go sailing

    I think he compared his celestial fix to GPS and they were 5 nm different. Not great for a landfall, but not terrible using a plastic sextant. I was generally impressed with his work incl willingness to use celestial nav. and assess his skill vs GPS.
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    A more spartan interior

    I removed the old vinyl wrapped door skin panels and replaced with thin marine plywood from Chesapeake light craft. Epoxied both sides (resin only) and sanded and finished the side you see with a 1 part polyurethane bright sides. Reinforced areas for lights as needed with a second ply layer...
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    Air leak in the diesel fuel system

    Most diesels have a cutoff valve at the tank. I’ve had those valves leak air. After about 7 years the o-ring firms and flattens allowing air in. Replace the valve
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    Chesapeake cruising ideas (with deepish draft)

    Power boat show (sail next week) this w/e so mornings are likely reduced and anchorages may be a bit crowded
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    A big project!

    That is a lovely nesting dinghy. Looks perfect.
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    Speedo paddle wheel - Mclube dry spray or one drop?

    When that happens to me, I usually get a new axle and paddle. If disassembled, and the new spins like the old, you could use either. One drop is a somewhat heavy lubricant intended for a tiny amount to be spread onto dozens of little balls..
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    Best Refit on the Youtube?.... did I spell refit correct:-?

    Leo & Tally Ho is Flirt of Paget for the YT folks, without the titanium jewelry. FRS have come ashore but remain fun to watch
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    120v electrical problem.

    Don't know the boat. UK power is 220v rather than 110 so it sounds like the boat was "adapted" to 110. Could be something simple, but with the non standard wiring on the breakers, it could also be hazardous. I'd be inclined to suggest to your friend that a marine electrician take a look...
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    Ingrid 38

    No experience with this boat or other wood boats. However, Acorn to Arabella on Youtube is about construction of a new Atkins Ingrid and might be useful to you. I don't have the wallet or skill set to fall in love with a wooden boat P
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    Jacksonville, FL Racing

    I haven't raced in Jax since I was a kid, so my info is pretty dated.  I do know the waters fairly well. Check the chart (Jacksonville to Racy Point 11492).  Florida is known for thin water. Most sailing/racing is south of Jax in the river and it gets shallow (8-10 ft) out of the channel. ...
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    New cabin sole anarchy

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    New cabin sole anarchy

    Grizz, I replaced the cabin sole on my 1988 Carroll Frers 41.  Used the old boards as patterns, tapered edges as needed.  Epoxy coated underside and added 6" tape on the tapered edges underneath.  The underside is exposed to bilge water like crazy.  I used regular varnish  (probably Minwax or...
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    Seattle Boat Show Advertisement

    Irwin 23?
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    Wooden dinghy boat building tips

    Depending on your location, heating the garage may be possible with electric space heaters or similar.  Warm and uniform temperature will make the substantial epoxy work (and subsequent varnish work) more reliable (and more comfortable).  Insulation is not particularly expensive or difficult in...
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    Floating Boat Lift - Sailboat

    The floating assembly may need a fair amount of draft or a fairly wide slip for the buoyancy chambers to gain enough lift without hitting bottom.  It must float its own weight and the weight of the boat.  The the assembly must have sufficient depth to release the boat at the mooring (no power)...

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