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  1. Glitter In The Eye

    J/35 - The finer points of Genoa Trim

    Many years ago I sailed multiple seasons on a winning J35 in OD. The advice already given is generic, no boat is the same and the j35 is old school sheeting angles. In breeze above 12 have the bottom of the genoa pressed on the turnbuckle, the top needs to be open compared to the bottom, bring...
  2. Glitter In The Eye

    2014 St Barth's Bucket filmed by a Drone

    wow awesome job. I think its time to franchise the biz model. Where do I send money???
  3. Glitter In The Eye

    Searching times for TNZ

    Its clear to me that team and country cant believe they are not the best and when they lose instead of saying the other team was better they fine fault. YOU GOT BEAT...the end. see you at the next regatta
  4. Glitter In The Eye

    Stock market - DTS

    I had a meeting today and there were some heavy players there but the meeting had nothing to do with investment or economy.... After the meeting wrapped up some of us grabbed lunch and a similar discussion came up about what to do with extra cash (I unfortunately don't have this problem since I...
  5. Glitter In The Eye

    Getting Rid of an Old PC

    I'm helping a company get into this market of destroying sensitive material. Incinerate is level 5, shredding of the drive is level 3-4 depending on shred size. degausing then hammer is next....level 1-2 all the software that makes claims to clean dont work. need to get physical with the...
  6. Glitter In The Eye

    Key Waste

    at least clean finished the year with his most idiotic post of 2013. 10 minutes in one chase boat equals all the wool from 10 regattas? maybe we should have a carbon wool buyback program. or reuse condoms for the banding, at least for the reuse you are helping by not buying more rubber.
  7. Glitter In The Eye

    melges 20 worlds

    I think the spending topic has been covered in every decade since racing began. What is the appropriate level of spend for one person is different for others. If a class or regatta site seems too expensive, then it is for you. Just because the boat is small does not mean people wont spend lots...
  8. Glitter In The Eye

    America’s Cup in the News

    I said long ago they would lose lots of money and some nutbags suggested that i look at the stands along the shoreline....Are you kidding me, look at the stands? I wish the public would stop funding these events and sports stadiums, it makes no sense if you cant show solid ROI. I go to 5-10 NFL...
  9. Glitter In The Eye

    The best way to divorce your wife!

    Is this the same Gouv that put rocks in j24 keel sumps? "I didnt know it was going to be illegal" grads should know that no foreign substance goes into OD boats Mr comprehension of divorce. I hope to be so lost when I get to be your age.
  10. Glitter In The Eye

    Why was OTUSA faster ?

    NZL lost in their only sport. they now have only hobbit victories to be proud of.
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    Interesting shake ups coming to CBYRA Schedule.

    I said this same thing a page ago. Create 1 calendar and have registration open much earlier than normal, or have a way to say I'm interested in going and have a social area on the site to keep conversations going on who plans or wishes to attend. I think most of you are coming at this from the...
  12. Glitter In The Eye

    Renter trashed my house

    not to throw gas on the fire but why would you not look after your investment. Its a business, you walked away and let your employee run the store. In my contract we do a video walk through with tenant, we also have grass cut and landscaping done all included into price. I make sure I swing by...
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    Interesting shake ups coming to CBYRA Schedule.

    I just read through since I last posted on page 1. I have done 3 race days on the bay in the last two years but have done another 25 days racing elsewhere in 2013. I started sailing on the bay on "other" peoples boats in 1982. Just like running a business it takes people with a shared vision, LG...
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    Interesting shake ups coming to CBYRA Schedule.

    Remember when Screwpile was Audi Race Week Monday-Friday the Monday after Gov Cup? Audi left then Solomons had to do their own thing and the help of Spinsheet got things going again. Now another downturn in participation and the South has limited options. LG can be all about their group, he...
  15. Glitter In The Eye

    Cruisers Attacked on Union Island

    agreed. I was in Atlantic City 2 summers ago for a conference and two old German ladies/tourists were robbed and stabbed to death. I would never go to AC for a vacation. All places have their elements. ALL! Just had a $400 dollar dinner on Sunday night in DC, walked one block to car to witness a...
  16. Glitter In The Eye

    what is it?

    new zealand maori challenge since the all whites couldn't get it done
  17. Glitter In The Eye

    Why was OTUSA faster ?

    I think they just found the modes that worked and refined them. I remember a few years ago in a OD class I had raced in that hasa heavy pro influence, we were a top 10 team but not a top 1-2 team. We changed some trim and really nothing else. We basically trimmed the jib harder and pressed more...
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    America's Cup Race 19

    Ben and Jimmy are 2 great Americans!!!! The boats are cool but its too expensive for so many teams. Maybe OD hulls and foils and wings could be designed by each team. This would help with practice and costs and still keep the speeds way high. NZL should now be Larry's second Island he owns...
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    Americas Cup Race 17 & 18 (it wont be needed though :-))

    You are mixing up my statement. I meant today College Football rules and the NFL. Yes a lot less back in 83 but....Kansas State and Wisconsin on December 11, 1982, which was the first college football game shown live on ESPN. the following year 200 games were aired. I thought NBC did a great...
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    Americas Cup Race 17 & 18 (it wont be needed though :-))

    help put espn on the map????? again with narrow views of the world. LSU VS Alabama football gets a 12-20 million viewers per game. sailing barely creeps by with 20K.