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  1. sail1403

    Maricopa poll watchers

    moved to AZ in 2005 and have voted by mail in every election(and I am a former it, in my work I am not sure when bids are going to be due so it allows me to fill it out at my leisure, dropped mine off at the Juvenile Court in the article this past Saturday at 11am and I did not...
  2. sail1403

    Log book pen anarchy

    Snub I really think its all about the paper...go over to and search  they have a couple reviews...if you current paper is getting wet and you then use any pen it will smudge/smear a little put there are Apica Journals just for wet locations (also available @ jetpens I have no...
  3. sail1403

    Log book pen anarchy

    re-read the OP a rite in the rain notebook might be the way to go and then copy over to the official log
  4. sail1403

    Log book pen anarchy

    are you having an issues writing in wet conditions/wet paper or after you write and it gets wet?
  5. sail1403

    Log book pen anarchy

    get a look at the Fisher Space Pen...not he cheapest but might be just what you need I satisfy my pen addiction at Jet Pens
  6. sail1403

    Random PicThread

    welcome to Detroit 1967...I was almost 3 then...uncle told stories of armed police officers riding on his fire truck
  7. sail1403

    Bride asks guests to pay $1500 each to attend her wedding

    austin1972....I have never thought or made the wedding cost $5000 my divorce cost me $8000 + support for her another $40,000 + child support wont even, they  are worth it (but its a large #)
  8. sail1403

    Remodeling and Contracts

    check his license I work in construction (commercial concrete) the main company is commercial GC  when dealing with new subs...we always check there LIC to see if they have any red flags check GC & his sub list like...
  9. sail1403

    College Days

    didn't inhale my ass, there is either a roach or a small bag in that jacket pocket... NTTAWWT
  10. sail1403

    the newest Clean

    Come wouldn't trade them for anything? I could think of a few things I would trade mine for... ;) ;) ;) ;)
  11. sail1403

    Question for you structural engineer types.

    DD that might be a little light... most light poles for parking lots we do are 24" dia min 5'-6' in the ground just did a Street light for City of Mesa 3' dia x 8' in the ground we have also done many canopy foundations for QT fuel Stations 4' dia X 10' (usually qty of 20) find a structural...
  12. sail1403

    Death on the Race Track

    JJ Yeley, a NASCAR driver who has driven sprint cars for Stewart, told the Sporting News that the fact you can hear Stewart hit the gas in his car prior to hitting Ward should be taken into the context of how sprint cars operate. “They have a solid rear axle, they don’t turn on a dime,” Yeley...
  13. sail1403

    Concrete Wheelbarrow Mix Projects

    that many holes...we have a drill rig for our bobcats 24" 18" & 12"
  14. sail1403

    Concrete Wheelbarrow Mix Projects

    I do this for a worth calling the supplier even if only for 1 CYD + usually a short load charge of a max $150 your time is worth money wasting it on mixing & not pouring does not make $ so easy just to get your wheel barrel, load it out of the truck & pour
  15. sail1403

    Boat ramp morons.

    Ok, this was just a dumb ass @ the boat ramp working the marine store, next to the city ramp, guy comes in "hey do you have a hand pump, my boat has got a little water in it" we've got one of those small battery powered pumps for just this occasion...go out climb onto the tire to get a look...
  16. sail1403

    Rigger Anarchy

    as some one who had done this type of work since I was in high school(Detroit area) and made running & standing rigging for Fj's to 70's, I worked for a strictly sailboat supplier & started my own shop in a different city years later...high quality work was & is always the goal...we...
  17. sail1403

    Epoxy paint, not boat related

    $3.00 per sf is a great price...we do polished floors as well as all other concrete work if we are pouring new you can pour the with the knowledge of what kind of aggregate exposure owner wants...we attempted to polish the floors of our 20 yr old office....shall I say the carpet looks great we...
  18. sail1403

    Sheriff Joe, Making headlines, like a corduroy pillow

    I wish...they (child abusers) do not get to spend quality time in General Population ,they have their own block
  19. sail1403

    Sheriff Joe, Making headlines, like a corduroy pillow

    from first hand experience then we will have to have officers in every home...what do you do about the father, brother, uncle that are abusing childeren...the priest, the family friend that teach's sunday school has 3 kids & a wife that creates opportunity to abuse a 10year old girl and...
  20. sail1403

    Older well known IOR Boats

    I remember it...ask Jones...if correct Dawn Riley sailed on it

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