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    Keeping our Multihulls shiny side Up!

    Good find jmh, I’d forgotten about the Rose Noelle when 2flit asked the question in his last post. There have been a couple of books written about their experience, both well worth reading for anyone considering going cruising on a multihull. I’ve been scratching my head trying to remember...
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    ^^ so true. The dogleg to Ungowa/ South White Cliffs is forever changing and the beacons are untrustworthy at times. Sure helps to have local knowledge on board though!
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    Keeping our Multihulls shiny side Up!

    Spot on, definitely the way to go when conditions reach the stage where you have reduced sail to a minimum, there’s always those steep waves that hit from different directions to the wave train that can scare the hell out of you.
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    Yeah, Canada splashed down off the foils towards the end of the final with the kiwis’ right up their clacker and managed to get straight back up without losing much ground.
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    did you forget the purple font?
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    My new tender....redux

    Took Tassie to the lake a couple of days ago, there probably wasn’t enough wind to foil but that didn’t matter anyway as I found out a couple of hitches which I’ll have to sort out before foiling. Here’s a short video of the day taken by a mate from his tinny.
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    I signed up for a free trial with foxtel so I could watch it live, ends up that their version of live is a replay at 9.30 that night? So I decided to check YouTube and they were showing it live, yahoo! This surprised me as I’ve never been able to do that before as their live feeds are usually...
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    You found the perfect what? Insurance, Surveyors, Boat Yards, and upgrades

    Totally agree with all you say^^ except for ‘enjoying‘ the maintenance ;)
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    Choosing the right performance cruising cat for Uhuru.

    when I was in Brisbane last weekend to help a mate deliver his new boat to Bundaberg I went for a stroll down the finger his boat was on. Just so happened to be a Outremer 45’ and a brand new Balance(44’ I think, owned by a Kiwi couple and just sailed down from Hong Kong) on t same finger...
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    Cruising on a proa

    ^^Ha ha. I was thinking of going with tillers on my cat but didn’t want to clutter up the cockpit so went with tillers on the bulkhead. Works great and only a quarter of a turn lock to lock.
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    Cruising on a proa

    The helms on Cactus Island are basically whipstaff tillers that steer the same as a wheel. This cancels out any confusion that you might have with a vertical tiller. Handy place to fit my Raymarine 2000 tillerpilot also.
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    Foiling Trailer sailer

    I’m loving following your build Chris since finding the sports boat forum on SA. Now that Julian’s weapon is sailing I’m looking forward to seeing your boat in the drink. I remember reading about Timberwolf several years ago and was impressed with its design. I’ve spent years myself building...
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    Rapido Trimarans - 2 x New Folding Models Coming !

    Coincidentally this last weekend I got to sail on a boat with a boom furling main, albeit a monohull. A mate and longtime crew member of mine has recently bought a 54’ Elliott which I would describe as a performance cruiser monohull. I was asked along for it’s delivery from Brisbane to...
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    Thanks sbd, i was typing when you posted. Are you going?
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    What’s the forecast looking like? Isn’t Christchurch supposed to be very breezy, if so I would recommend anyone here(SAnarchy) going there to get tickets on an official viewing ferry. It’s really worth being right on the edge of the course In the exclusion zone. Especially if it’s blowing 20+.
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    Amazing that place is still standing with all that weight on the roof?
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    International Women's Day

    very cool, did she get it foiling?
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    Where is snaggletooth?

    anybody tried @Snaggletooth ? Please reply snags so I can show everyone how smart I am.
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    How much sailing is too much sailing?

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    Advice please, cruising occasionally racing catamaran for < 500k USD

    The 45’ version is an awesome boat, very fast with heaps of room. Google ‘ Sail Surf Roam’ , they are friends of mine and have done several extended Pacific cruises in search of good surf since launching. I think that only one other 45’ has been launched since Roam.