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  1. Anomaly2

    Bad week for musical RIPs, David Lindley

    The partnership between David Lindley and Jackson Browne was long-lived and epic. IMHO, any appreciation of it has to include Lindley's falsetto vocals on "Stay" A very sad day indeed, what a tremendous loss.
  2. Anomaly2

    David Crosby DTS

    ?? A friend who bought it from Crosby has lovingly, and respectfully, brought it back to top form including several successful campaigns. (in addition to serving as a great boat for family and friends)
  3. Anomaly2

    Jeff Beck DTS

    "Notoriously difficult"... but still had the inclination to work (at least momentarily) with such a wide variety of other talents
  4. Anomaly2

    Liveaboard Centerboarders

    I lived aboard my Soverel 33 (6'3" headroom) for 10 years (the first version by the father, Bill Soverel, not the second racing sled by the son, Mark Soverel) but many larger Soverels also were centerboard boats designed for cruising places like the Chesapeake, the Keys, the Bahamas, etc. With a...
  5. Anomaly2

    Bono sees the light.

    Bono? I'll just leave this here (from a NYT review of Kushner's book): "His wooing of Ivanka Trump included a good deal of jet-setting. Kushner briefly broke up with her, he writes, because she wasn’t Jewish. (She would later convert.) Wendi Murdoch, Rupert’s wife, reunited them on Rupert’s...
  6. Anomaly2

    The Load Out

    Just your average song written by your average 16 year old....
  7. Anomaly2

    Bill Russell DTS

    Charlie Pierce wrote a nice piece in remembrance in his column for Esquire. Much is devoted to Russell's off-court life but on the subject of his on-court greatness, he wrote: "For me, the most amazing statistic of Russell’s astonishing career in basketball is that his teams played in 10...
  8. Anomaly2

    Hard dinghy boarding ladder ideas?

    Hard chine, stitch and glue dinghy, in need of a boarding ladder (to retrieve the crew who have demanded a stop for a swim). I made a rope ladder with 4" deep by 14" wide treads, but the crew report that it just swings in under the chine under load and is very difficult to use... Trying to use...
  9. Anomaly2

    Chameleon dinghy build

    4) Petit EasyPoxy WITH the additive they offer (can't remember the name of the additive at the moment...).You can do custom colors (at least at the hardware store where I buy it...). The additive increases gloss and hardness and you can easily get 3 years out of it (true, Perfection is going...
  10. Anomaly2

    James Wharram - A Giant Has Fallen

    Zonker let me know about this thread-- I posted the following over on Cruising Anarchy: James Wharram has passed. Hanneke Boon has written a lovely obituary, here...
  11. Anomaly2

    So long James, sail on and thanks for all the dreams

    Thanks, hadn't seen that.
  12. Anomaly2

    So long James, sail on and thanks for all the dreams

    James Wharram has passed. Hanneke Boon has written a lovely obituary, here: Several years ago, I spent about two months living just up the road from Wharram's...
  13. Anomaly2

    Random Info for Cruising Anarchists

    Thanks. And thanks to Max for posting that gem in its entirety.
  14. Anomaly2

    Random Info for Cruising Anarchists

    I'm outside the US at the moment and I get rerouted to an EU version of the Fayettevill Observer that doesn't include the obits.... Would you mind pasting in the entire literary masterpiece? Thanks in advance.
  15. Anomaly2

    Pocket Cruising

    Yep, Vivier draws some beautiful boats (Jewel comes to mind when speaking of pocket cruising). I have the plans for this one (Kernic), although it will be the beach boat and the Welsford Sweet Pea will be for cruising. If I ever get around to building it...
  16. Anomaly2

    Pocket Cruising

    Wtf? A thread about "pocket cruising" and you people are discussing, among other things, a 32' vessel? THIS is pocket cruising (I know, cause it says so right in the name  :rolleyes: )...
  17. Anomaly2

    Show me your blue boats!

    Interlux Perfection, Lauderdale Blue, rolled and tipped by me and a buddy. Eventually, I gave him the boat (1970 Pearson 24). The paint job is now about 10 years old and still going strong. Yeah, left the boat in a bit late the year this photo was taken...
  18. Anomaly2

    Motorcycle Threads

    Nah. Just a slow Friday night here... Btw, your " thread drift, as if you'd notice" line in another thread almost made beer come out my nose... 
  19. Anomaly2

    Motorcycle Threads

    Road, rode, potayto, potawto... I guess they don't teach spelling in law school eh?
  20. Anomaly2

    Random PicThread

    No, but the ground sure did... 

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