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  1. Ringmaster

    Help with old Signet Marine wind instrument

    Signet may be able to help you with a referb masthead transducer. What Signet system do you have? I sold my boat a couple of years ago and I still have some SmartPak stuff in my garage.
  2. Ringmaster

    Most Overpriced Boat in the Classys

    Buy it for $30k sail it for a summer and then it's worth $9k.
  3. Ringmaster

    Has anyone gone to the Sailboat show in Annapolis

    Those people are nothing more than e-beggers.
  4. Ringmaster

    Insurance Disputes Sailboat Repairs

    My house was damaged by a hail storm years ago and the insurance company at first only wanted to replace the siding on 2 sides. I told them I wouldn't stand for a two tone house. Contractor got involved and convinced the insurance co. to pay up to do the whole house. Stand your ground.
  5. Ringmaster

    AutoPilot loses its mind when going under bridges.

    It has happened to me motoring under the Key Bridge outside of Baltimore. Can't believe the story of the guy above crashing into the bridge. I never switched on the autopilot and went to take a nap. I only used it motoring back from a race or when eating lunch when out by myself. Never left...
  6. Ringmaster

    Source for J105 push button drawer latch

    Since J Boats is still in business why don't you call them? Do they not sell parts to customers?
  7. Ringmaster

    battery monitors which one?

    See if you can find a used Guest Smart Switch.  Simple and cheap.
  8. Ringmaster

    Any news on what orgs are doing for their spring/summer series?

    A few clubs that I know on the Chesapeake have canceled their spring series.  A number of weekend races have been postponed until August.
  9. Ringmaster

    Signet Thru Hulls

    Signet makes 2 different paddlewheels.  One has a red top that is designed to work with their products and they also sell one with a blue top that is designed to work with some other manufactures products.  Maybe the blue top version would offer you a solution.  For what it's worth Signet...
  10. Ringmaster

    Backstay Flicker Batten

    I don't think a backstay flicker is appropriate or safe on a boat with inline spreaders.  They are used on fractional rigged boats with swept back spreaders because when you release the backstay the aft facing spreaders keep the mast from going forward.  On a 9.1 your mast is going to want to...
  11. Ringmaster

    sailing gloves (no, not what to buy) amazon question

    Harbor Freight gives a lifetime warranty on fifty cent foam paint brushes.  No I never returned any.
  12. Ringmaster

    Mainsail Bolt-rope Track

    My Express 30 had a plastic/Nylon bolt rope luff adapter installed when I bought the boat 20 some years ago.  It finally wore out a couple of years ago and there was no replacement available that I could find.  We removed it and I had both my mains converted to slides that fit the Isomat spar.
  13. Ringmaster

    NAVICO / Simrad Wheelpilot disassembly

    Greetings, Has anyone disassembled a NAVICO / Simrad wheelpilot beyond doing a simple belt replacement?  I'm attempting to help a friend repair his unit.  We removed the belt wheel and the motor/gear cover but the problem seems to be located behind what I will call the belt pinion gear and the...
  14. Ringmaster

    Muddy anchor chain cleaner?

    I deal with this on the Chesapeake.  Not a big deal.  When pulling up the anchor when the chain hits the surface start swishing it around.  Pull it up a littlr further and swish some more.  Splash the anchor a few times and all the black gunk is gone. 
  15. Ringmaster

    Mainsail slides (that won't glide)

    Have  your main fitted with Allslip slides.  They work.  After looking at pic I see that's what you have. ?
  16. Ringmaster

    Handheld GPS for backup

    I have a Garmin GPS MAP 76C.  I use it when I take the boat out by myself daysailing.  Gives COG, SOG and a chart if I want it.  I use the Garmin quick release motorcycle handlebar mount which is mounted on my pedestal guard in front of wheel.   No need to turn on instrument system with 4...
  17. Ringmaster

    Letting go of tiller, cookies ensue.

    From a previous Merit 22 owner.  Does your boat still have that Mickey mouse traveler on the stern pulpit?  If so install a real traveler in the cockpit.  The boat will be easier to sail since you won't have to look backwards to trim the main and you will have a long traveler track to allow you...
  18. Ringmaster

    Backstay flicker for an S2 9.1

    Don't know how a flicker would work on a masthead rigged boat.  Unlike a fractional rigged boat with swept back spreaders that hold the forestay in tension even with the backstay eased a lot I think your mast would fall forward with no backstay tension.  Never seen it done on a masthead boat.
  19. Ringmaster

    Drag behind speed sensor

    I still have a Knotstick.  Remember those?  I use it to calibrate the electronics.
  20. Ringmaster

    Signet SL 172 depth sounder

    With the unit turned on if you put your ear close to the transducer you should hear it "clicking".

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