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  1. bloodshot

    Start box Traffic Light

    Sailbot operates from your phone so anyone with a cellphone can start a sequence and sail at the same time.
  2. bloodshot

    Bring Back the Reach

    I think the key is variation, at least for beercan series. If you have 15-20 races a series, throw in 3-4 triangles and maybe some downwind starts. A whole summer of W/L races is exhausting and can get boring.
  3. bloodshot

    Sad Ad: so emblematic of our sailing times

    best bet if you "hate" handicap but wedded to it for any reason is to push your clubs to ditch the PHRF board altogether and go ORC, if you can.
  4. bloodshot

    Women's 470 Sailing is Lit (Tokyo 2020)

    the whole "umpires can't be expected to police kinetics, so we're going to allow all the kinetics" thing is so freaking lazy. just ban it and let the flicking commence
  5. bloodshot

    It's Friday: Have they fired Alan yet?

    you said "tittle"
  6. bloodshot

    Evelyn 32-2 Mods for Collegiate Offshore Team

    Used to be Bruce Kuryla's (the senior?) boat out of Milford CT.
  7. bloodshot

    Melges 15 or Club 420 for new junior program Fleet?

    don't sleep on the RS Feva.
  8. bloodshot

    Bilge pump handle cover

  9. bloodshot

    The Melges 15 / Future of American Double Handed Classes

    I'm still bitter that the Blue Jay is no longer the junior training boat of choice, so I'm sure as shit not the person to ask about this....
  10. bloodshot

    Show us your committee boat...

    I mean, for a lake and when using audible signals with no flags, wouldn't something like this work well...
  11. bloodshot

    Show us your committee boat...

    river not a lake, but here's "Fair and Square" from the Frostbite Yacht Club in Essex, CT. I would think a smaller pontoon type raft or "pahty bahge" ( would do the trick
  12. bloodshot


    USA003 "Ne*Ne" might now be available cheap this spring....
  13. bloodshot

    Between a rock and a hard place

    Has to be..... Artube and Atom Tavatuy aren't competing per World Sailing regs
  14. bloodshot

    iStart race starters to come back to market in 2023
  15. bloodshot

    Sailflow, Windy... what you got??


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