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  1. radtim

    Super Sport Boat

    can you say "kelp stick"??
  2. radtim

    pole length vs foot leech length for successful blow through jibes?

    Wind strength, and correct jib trim has a lot to do with your success
  3. radtim

    Best Buoyancy Aid for Dinghy and Sport Boat Racing

    I like my Zhik, but have type III"s also. Best answer to the Coasties or the regatta chair is to wear the Zhik while you have a inflatable waist belt in the locker on the boat. USCG says it just needs to be aboard, not necessarily on..
  4. radtim

    Spin Out

    Speed is your friend, flat is best, if no kite up and you have a jib, leave it backwinded coming out of gybe. It will help keep the bow down
  5. radtim

    Hey oboma - it was Islamic terrorism, NOT the usual shooting

    It's good for the gun lobbyist bottom line
  6. radtim

    This is getting ridiculous. Another mass shooting
  7. radtim

    This is getting ridiculous. Another mass shooting

    Bait, check up on your US History, after the Civil War, the Republicans at the time morphed into the Democrats, and the Dems became the Republican Party.. So in reality, Lincoln was a Dem
  8. radtim

    This is getting ridiculous. Another mass shooting

    I heard 760 rounds were fired by LE during the shootout... I would guess that something "accessed their minds", possibly more than once... "Nice shooting Tex!" And no collateral damage, job well done I say..
  9. radtim

    Tempesta Gear

    Is the Ed branching out and licencing new kit??
  10. radtim

    Viper NA's in Bermuda 2016

    That's me... I'm in Any rumor that we are staying @ the Gosling's distribution center? :P
  11. radtim

    Viper NA's in Bermuda 2016

    Is that when you get pushed off the plank @ the top mark? I'm in...
  12. radtim

    Coach to Competitor ratio

    Let's drop the games out of this discussion for a moment. I feel there are FAR TOO MANY coach boats out for weekend events.. I have seen 15+ in LB on many occasions.. You want to talk about the cost of sailing these days? I feel this has become a major impact.. Who is paying for these $80K...
  13. radtim

    Viper NA's in Bermuda 2016

    Lol.,. Curry hurries.. 😳
  14. radtim

    UV Protection Using Auto Clear Coat

    Much cheaper, wont last more than 24mo, but none of them do...
  15. radtim

    Viper NA's in Bermuda 2016

    So where should regattas be held? It will cost more for PNW teams to make to to FL than EC teams to Bermuda. It cost a lot for EC teams to come to LB, vice versa.. I wish airfare and ground transport were cheaper. Road transit starts about a $1 / mile and goes up from there. look @ a map...
  16. radtim

    Viper NA's in Bermuda 2016

    A few of us folks wanted to take in the endless D&S and lay out on the pink sand.. We will come back to reality with the 2017 dance @ Ft Walton and then probably back to the Left Coast in '18
  17. radtim

    Viper NA's in Bermuda 2016

    Mid Feb In Newport, Balboa YC Mid March in San Diego, Coronado YC May 14-15 in Santa Barbara Those are majors in Spring in So Cal.. Other events inter spread. Send me a PM
  18. radtim

    Another Right-Of-Way Question

    There is a disconnect between some power boaters and sailors. More that once I have been admonished / yelled at / almost run over by powercraft while sailing out of Alamitos Jetty.. Lots of room and I never push a situation.. I have heard "Quit zig-zaging in the channel", "you have done...
  19. radtim

    Aubigny 5.5x

    Abby, so in your emergency situation of your bulb peeling off, you are going down below to grab your 86lbs of Rock and put it on the "high side"? Darwin is your hero..

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