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  1. El Borracho

    Finally, Trump is getting close to justice

    I would be happy enough with home detention, ankle bracelet, and a total gag order. Little hope here for prison given the worship of power by the public. The silence would be golden … but SCOTUS would certainly nix it because, you know, former president and candidate or something …
  2. El Borracho

    Finally, Trump is getting close to justice

    Yeah, except the usual RWNJs are already starting to say the prisons are too rough. The true patriots of J6 are finding even their relatively posh accommodations worthy of whining. Expect some MTG legislation for emergency prison upgrade expenditures. Trump should hope for a federal facility...
  3. El Borracho

    Finally, Trump is getting close to justice

    Soros references by @Ventucky Red are antisemite dogwhistles. However his cult’s lack of wokeness may prevent him from realizing it.
  4. El Borracho

    Loss of S/V Raindancer (KP44)

    I have a rather fancy “PacCup Compliant” e-rudder that came with the boat. It was to be deployed by sliding down a T-track on the transom. I found it very difficult to test deploy while in a calm anchorage. Would be useless at sea. The instant the tip reaches water the rudder and stock become...
  5. El Borracho

    FBI storms Mar a Lago

    Perhaps the status quo is more fun with TFG out in the wild. Game over when he is rotting in jail. Like with previous GOP Presidents, the drubbing of the GOP ceases when the scoundrels are hidden away. I am betting the worship of monarchs in the USA will remain stronger than the will to convict.
  6. El Borracho

    Best cruising grounds to buy a boat in?

    Greater SE Asia. Many cruisers having done the safe and low-worry milk run across the Pacific arrive here with a reluctance to continue on a more problematic Indian Ocean and RTW cruise. And the return to North America seems to them zero fun. Your considerations: Taxes: I found no...
  7. El Borracho

    Finally, Trump is getting close to justice

    Wow! We have attained peak projection.
  8. El Borracho

    Radar Reflector

    The rules say “carry”? Does that mean stored below is compliant? The alloy Davis collapsible are the best. It all about projected area of the reflector, obviously, the small ones making big claims are BS. I store my Davis below decks, assembled, in a high locker. Bcuz I am dragging it along it...
  9. El Borracho

    Can anyone identify this cheek block?

    Cool deflector bar. Never seen that option.
  10. El Borracho

    Best marine flooring for cabin interior?

    Nobody has recommended the slatted teak cabin sole of the SC50? Firstly, it is real solid teak not some sissy fake stuff. Plus, the gaps save weight. Third, when something small is dropped, screws, pencils, macaroni ... one knows where it went. Fourth, Disco LEDs (^^^ @eje ) underneath!
  11. El Borracho

    Hunter Biden's Laptop

    Is it important to the fever swamp whether any particular laptop was Hunter’s? Seems like the indictment and prosecution of The Biden Crime Family for [list felonies here] could proceed without that small detail, yes?
  12. El Borracho

    Hunter Biden's Laptop

    The new counter suit is silent on whether any particular laptop, or corrupted version thereof, ever belonged to Hunter. What Hunter’s action does say is he is owed damages for the theft of his valuable dick pics that you are wanking to.
  13. El Borracho

    Finally, Trump is getting close to justice

    Can we assume TFG’s SS detail is packing hairspray and orange paint so the tough guy is ready for his close-up?
  14. El Borracho

    Airmar DS810 won't seat?

    Hate to say…I have been flummoxed by the helpful arrow on the transducer. Is it flow or forward? Which way is forward when head down in the bilge flying over waves, anyway? Should paint an arrow next to it. And the little tab can be obstinate regarding engaging with its slot.
  15. El Borracho

    Performance training and diet for singlehanded sailing

    Two things not in your post: Quickly falling asleep. If an hour of tossing, turning, thinking is normal for you that could be a singlehanding problem. Motion sickness immunity. Can you go below on a bouncy day to stare straight down at a notebook or computer without ill effect? How about...
  16. El Borracho

    Finally, Trump is getting close to justice

    Huh? Wait! What? I thought Trump was a fighter. Meekly showing up to be booked is a wimp move. If MAGA had any sense of propriety wouldn’t they fill the streets around their messiah to thwart this communist plot to destroy the country? The press is going wild with the story. A story which...
  17. El Borracho

    Mast step base repair advice needed

    Move to a new hole a few mm away. And clean up that deck. (However this thread has potential. By page 3 we should have full drawings and a proposal to rapid prototype from sintered titanium.)
  18. El Borracho

    Raymarine ST60 Tridata Calibration

    The setup memory appears to be within the microprocessor IC. That chip is relatively easy to replace by a technician. New IC can probably be purchased. However the software would need to be extracted from the old chip and installed on the new. Might be locked, too. I could have done that back in...
  19. El Borracho

    Slot Head Screws

    On any rebuild some of the screws will require their heads to be drilled. Slotted are the worst for this. Plan ahead. Does anyone else think that while Robertson’s may well be functional they entirely lack aesthetic quality? Like a farmer’s pathetic attempt to improve on the Allen head.
  20. El Borracho

    Finally, Trump is getting close to justice

    OJ and white Bronco remake: It would be HUGE!! Think of the ratings! Guiliani will co-star as the driver.