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    culture club

    I would guess Peter Huston wrote this. Doesn’t undo the hit piece on “Nimrod”, but is a nice thing.
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    This has been going on for years. Have lost all respect for them. Very poor business people.
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    Midwest Scow Sailing

    Agree.  I had a Columbia Carbon 32.  Hull had a somewhat flatter entry to promote planing.   Kernan designed it to plane all the way to Honolulu in the Transpac. Fabulous downwind.   Upwind in chop was an entirely different matter!  No so good……
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    Remote control racing marks

    All other thing being equal… anchored buoy will only move with a change in wind direction. Unless the anchor moves or shitty line stretches or some dumb fuck in a powerboat roars by. The gust that moved the bot may very well been had a wind shift in it. I thought the bots did a fine job...
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    Remote control racing marks

    15-20 mph.   Maybe it was a programming delay.  
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    Remote control racing marks

    Lot of windage on these things. Gusty conditions can overcome the BOT’s ability to say stationary.   Watched a start recently at the pin end. Gust pushed the BOT several feet downwind just before the start, changing the line. Took a bit of time for it to regain it’s position. Not major and...
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    Russia learns a lesson from Hitler

    Christ, some of you are pathetic.
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    Wonder if Jackdaw is still involved.    
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    C&C 30 ODR

    20 C&C30's at Cowes?   We talking about the same boat?   Seems only abut 20 were made.
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    Clearly Jackdaw is an “amazing piece of kit”.
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    M15 Cracked Hull

    Think so.  Better if the mast had broken instead.  Facebook post has been removed……..
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    M15 Cracked Hull

      From the M15 facebook page.   "Sailed in 10-20 today. Oversteered the jibe and over we go. Low tide, mast stuck in mud and won’t budge. As my crew and I are hanging out on the hull waiting for a motor boat, noticed spider crack in middle of hull. Cause? Need to be repaired? Sucked to get...
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    Sunfish Worlds- Day 1- lots of equipment failures

    Seems the blocks have been pulling out of the booms. Supplier fixing on site.     One broken rudder that I know of.    Simply, it was not that windy.
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    Modified Columbia 30 info?

    “Completely different boat”………no kidding. Seeing Kerman’s name opened an old and very deep wound. Over and out.
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    Modified Columbia 30 info?

    The Carbon 32 had multiple rudder failures.  And only 6 boats built. Shaft was a frickin rectangle.  Maybe .75-1.0” thick on one side, 3-4” the other way. The carbon fiber strands would explode under load. Most inadequate!
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    So is the VP like their 3rd employee? I’m thinking it it still a couple of guys working out of their basement. Can somebody tell me it ain’t so?
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    ILCA gives LPE the boot... seeking new Laser builder

    First sensible thing you’ve said in years.   
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    Random PicThread

    Yo Bowgirl! Still a Lightning fleet in Nigeria?
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    Showtime capsize on return trip

    "Wait"?? Surely, you jest!
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    Melges now selling Vakaros on their website.