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    Choosing the right performance cruising cat for Uhuru.

    I'd find it hard to believe you could do a custom 50' ocean cat for under $2 million these days. I had a 48' power cat design go through a comprehensive build estimate. For a long, but light (#16000 displacement boat) the estimate for fairing and painting was well over $200k alone. (US yard...
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    Everglades Challenge 2023

    Nice report, thanks! I like your thinking.
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    Everglades Challenge 2023

    Always had a bit of a soft spot for a Lightning. Your double lug rig looks like a really nice way to make the boat into a pretty comfy camp cruiser.
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    Where is Everybody?

    Yeah, I'm noticing. Went to my 50th Hi Skrool reunion last year--there were only old people there--and not many of 'em at that!
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    A really big franken-tri kit

    Hah! I'm with Zonker. Buy a chainsaw, rent a dumpster. Yer wife will be happier.... Pssst, dirty little secret--You'll be happier too. smh, some folks just don't know when to let go...
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    Girl with patreon account goes sailing in hot place

    Pancakes are a poor substitute for French Toast....
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    3 Rivers Race 2023.

    While there is very little N American racing I'd 'like' to do, the R2AK is on my list (daydream). In Europe, the 3 Rivers, Silver Rudder and Tjorn Rundt or Tjorn Gotland all spark the imagination...
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    Rapido Trimarans - 2 x New Folding Models Coming !

    I get the impression that, like many You Toobers, they may have many miles under their 'keel' but it might be a mistake to equate miles with experience. 90k miles? How about 1000 miles experience 90 times? I will make 'some' allowance for the fact that their Schtick with the Toob doesn't...
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    You found the perfect what? Insurance, Surveyors, Boat Yards, and upgrades

    @Mambo Kings, WRT autopilots. I'll put in a good word for the Jefa pancake motor drive unit. No exposed ram, no hydraulics and very quiet. Also, NO detectable drag when disengaged. I absolutely loved mine. I think they make at least 2 sizes. Mine was the smaller one. Worked well with the...
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    My experience with YouTube so far

    Kris, since I'm also thinking about a gimbal, I wanted a mic that potentially wouldn't interfere with it. I'm also ignorant as to whether to go for a directional or lavalier mic. Consequently, I chose a wireless with a small transmitter that will go directly on the phone (no cord). The mic(s)...
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    Good Day Sailing Keel Boats for Adult Education

    Does anyone ramp launch a J 24...?
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    My experience with YouTube so far

    As I look forward to a summer on my new boat, I've been thinking about videoing things a bit. I"m not excited about video editing but figure I'll see what my aptitude is. I'm going to stick with my iPhone before investing any further (I have a Go Pro but haven't used it in a few years) I've...
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    Good Day Sailing Keel Boats for Adult Education

    Ensigns are easily trailerable.... Ramp Launching, would be a very different story. OP didn't fully explain the particulars of why trailerable but did identify other keel boats as possibles....
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    Good Day Sailing Keel Boats for Adult Education

    Ensign. Roomy, won't scare the crap out of anyone but ideal for learning the basics and spinnaker work. It's adults, so you don't need to wow the youngsters with the latest and greatest planing performance. Undoubtedly there should be any number of them available at a pretty reasonable...
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    Cruise, Day Sail, Race...? Why do you own a toy?

    I love an early summer morning at anchor in the sunshine with a cup of coffee in hand and the sights, sounds and smells of a peaceful evergreen shrouded cove. I love messing around in a small dinghy or kayak and exploring. I love sailing to weather in a light chop and 10-12 knot breeze...
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    Coolboats to admire

    Maynard changes boats like most folk change their underwear. NTTIAWWT. Always interesting, always intriguing (the boats, not the underwear...)
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    Coolboats to admire

    A couple years ago there was a Concordia 39 on the market. It had really been taken care of and had a lot of those 'she's tired' projects recently done. A couple hundred smackers. I was interested. But then I read that they usually spent at least $30k annually for the haul, unstep the masts...
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    Food, fixes and notes from the casual coastal sailor.

    @Kris cringle Having a very large and ever growing naval air station on Whidbey should explain the large and young male population averages...
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    Food, fixes and notes from the casual coastal sailor.

    Russell, when doing that comparison, don't forget to add in the Maine state income tax vs here. Additionally, one of the reasons for any land price disparity is, in part, that the avg income in Maine outside the SW corner between Portland and Kittery is probably much lower so no one can...
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    Getting a second boat for Scotland

    This little detail gives me concerns about cruising Scotland more than weather or anything else. The Admiral would become an infected mess (and very very unhappy) in a short time as she's particularly vulnerable to such pests. Is there a season or predictable pattern about where and when you...