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  1. ecosse4me

    Magregor 26's big brother at 17KTs

    Finally the 4th mode is revealed :-)
  2. ecosse4me

    what is it?

    Foggy II stair/ramp control http://stephenswaring.com/millennium-falcon-comes-foggy/
  3. ecosse4me


    I agree, looks like the Olympic Sails logo to me, but all out of focus. defo not a North and could never be a 3DI
  4. ecosse4me

    New Super Yacht - inverted bow section?

    I love Jones designs. Every bump has a reason. Started offshore racing on an SJ35 and have done a couple of Cork Weeks on Demolition, before they did her up to look so good, my thoughts are who cares about ugly when fast is what wins races :-) (We won our class one year and came second in class...
  5. ecosse4me

    what is it?

    Cruising Clipper boat? Castro design?
  6. ecosse4me

    your new mast man

    They are not implants, they are rating bumps
  7. ecosse4me

    what is it?

    I agree on the idea of it being a fareast, but think it is a Fareast 28 or 27
  8. ecosse4me

    My teenage design efforts

    Love the fat head mainsail Bob :-) never guess where the Tayana range sprouted from!
  9. ecosse4me

    Converting an Etchells

    Bump. And progress on the Etchel hull conversions. Always remember a modified E22 in Milford ct. Sailed through the local j24 fleet looking very classical with it aged couple sitting to leeward behind their beautifull teak coach roof in a lovely cockpit, and it was not until it had passed us and...
  10. ecosse4me

    what is it?

    Missing it's wings :)
  11. ecosse4me

    Farr Half Tonner - Swuzzlebubble

    What design is Big Picture?
  12. ecosse4me

    Farr Half Tonner - Swuzzlebubble

    http://www.sail-world.com/UK/Antix-crowned-2014-RORC-IRC-National-Champion/123376 Nice results from the weekend :-)
  13. ecosse4me

    Personal Attacks - knock it the F*ck off!

    Ah, the 4th Mode, is when it is covered in Ice.........
  14. ecosse4me

    Farr Half Tonner - Swuzzlebubble

    Any pictures of he out the water with the keel and rudder showing?
  15. ecosse4me

    what is it?

    Really love the black with the teak effect deck, just lovely
  16. ecosse4me

    what is it?

    Not if it is in the uk, The black will help you stay warm :-)
  17. ecosse4me

    Dronin' On - Ask Richard Jenkins About The SailDrone

    This is the question I would like to have answered, in theory a larger version of this would be my ideal boat. How did they decide on the balance of keel weight if there is any and the size of the floats, or is it just a dagger board full of water? Is there a pumping action as well, filling and...
  18. ecosse4me

    what is it?

    Far too funny, will never forget the 4th Mode, Forgot Mighetto, but not his love of the Mac :-)
  19. ecosse4me

    begging for a caption

    At least the forestay and stem head were overbuilt... is there a sequence? I do not think there is a sequence, just the one for now... http://afloat.ie/sail/sailing-clubs/royal-cork-yacht-club/item/23440-photographer-captures-autumn-league-collision